The best quote about self motivation is by Swami Vivekananda, he once said ‘’Talk to yourself once in a day, otherwise you may miss meeting an intelligent person in this world. ‘’

The above quote is itself about self motivation as it underlines the importance of everyone’s thinking power and it motivates every individual to think about the possible solutions for the problems being faced to achieve the goals. This has been inspiring millions of people globally.

Before understanding the concept of Self Motivation, let us understand what is motivation.

Motivation is an imaginary force by which a human can easily achieve his goals. 

If you want to achieve some goal in life, the first step is to get yourself mentally prepared for the goal and secondly you need motivation to complete it.

Well motivation can be also defined as situation or a condition to accomplish a particular task by finding solutions to the problems being faced in achieving the goal.

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What is self motivation ? | self motivation quotes

Self motivation is also a type of motivation which comes within you, either you have it or you don’t have it. 

For instance, in such tough times like coronavirus pandemic patients, doctors, nurses, frontline workers like police, armed forces, volunteers, media workers etc and other warriors can’t lose their hope against the small tiny virus, therefore we need to be always self motivated to fight against this pandemic.

How we can define self motivation? 

As told earlier that self motivation comes within ourselves that means the work which is done by you to achieve your goals within imaginary force that helps you to complete your task is known as motivation.

It is always necessary to think twice before doing anything, first you should think about your mental and physical well-being and then you should focus upon your motivation to complete that assignment

Many experts also say that self motivation is a life skill which teaches you how to deal in tough times, it is also not necessary that every human being is born with a proper frame of mind to stay always motivated. 

With various different and difficult experiences everyone can learn how to do be motivated during   such times, Self Motivation is something that we built upon and get nourished throughout the whole life.

Best Example of self – motivation Thala Dhoni

One of the best examples of self motivation is Former Indian Cricket Captain Ms Dhoni. He is the only captain in the world who led his team by mantra of self motivation to win all ICC major world cup and champions trophy titles. India was also ranked 1st among test playing nations during three consecutive years. 

Dhoni has always led the team by the front with his cricketing ability to think about the game and getting the best desired performance by motivating them of the players to win the major tournaments. MS.Dhoni has also won three IPL Titles for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and with his self motivation has always handled the difficult situations of the game with calm attitude to win.

According to various age groups all human being have different level of motivation. It changes day to day and time to time, but each motivation will always take you a step further towards achieving your targets.

Benefits of self motivation

Benefits of self motivation

Many people are not aware of self motivation benefits but there are a lot of advantages that we can gain from self – motivation as given below: – 

  1. People are more organised.
  2. People also learn about good time management skills.
  3. People who are self motivated are having calm attitude with patience to handle the problem. 
  4. They have more self esteem and confidence.
  5. They are fearless to tackle any challenge.
  6. The winners are always self motivated.

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Types of motivation

Types of motivation

There are two types of motivation


This is the motivation when you are performing the task according to your interest and for your satisfaction. This can be observed while you are doing a fun activity for example when you are going to buy ice cream. 


This is the second type of motivation when you are performing the task for a reward. It can be challenging task for money, fame, power and praise for example when you are going to gym for workout.

Motivation by others

It is not always necessary that motivation lies within you sometimes motivation can be from other as well. 

For example, when a person who doesn’t feel motivated at all in that case the concerned person need help from others.   Also, the person requires a lot of encouragement and he / she will have to listen from motivational speakers to get more inspired and gain more self confidence & self motivation.

Importance of self motivation

Importance of self motivation

Self motivation is extremely important for the overall development of a personality.  It is useful for a person to complete its action as it improves the efficiency and desire to achieve the goal within the deadline.

It also satisfies as a person when his/ her task is completed which helps in avoiding negative attitude and boosting your self confidence hence which also increases your self motivation.

It is also observed that a self motivated person always tries to cross his limit to get succeed faster as compared to other people. He / she always try to push the limit and improve the performance day by day. Also, the person will always stick to his /her goal.

What are Self motivation quotes & why they are important to us ? 

Quotes which give us motivation is known as self motivation quotes, they are not just self affirmations but these are some powerful words which convey a very deep meaning. Self motivation quotes give inspiration as well.  Mostly it is observed that people use these quotes are in a form of poster in front of them to motivate them self.

Hence, we can say such motivational quotes carries deep message and a mandatory dose to boost up mind of a lazy person. Many tired souls which have already given up in their life, so need powerful self motivation quotes which can encourage them to do a good deed in life. It is also very important to encourage them to change themselves. 

What happens when you read a quote and apply them in your life ?

Quotes which are for self motivation it will not only motivate you but it will change you from outside to inside to think in a different manner and the good part is it will try to inspire you as well.

In this dark world people are busy in pulling each and every one down due to their selfishness. Instead of helping people they will try to break you and, in such situation, you will be needing never give up attitude so that you can create self belief which further creates the picture of self motivation, and therefore you can apply self motivation quotes in your life. 

Once the great scientist Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
which means whenever a person imagines imagination lies within us and when it comes to knowledge it comes time to time by reading books and different experiences. It is the imagination which Motivates to do something in life.      

Here are some of the greatest self motivation quotes by which you can inspire yourself:

  1. 1. It doesn’t matter how slow you walk, until you stop.
  2. Everything you imagine is real
  3. Don’t lose yourself
  4. Your time is less, so don’t waste it in someone else life.
  5. Before You ask why someone hates you, ask yourself why you even care
  6. Don’t think too much, just do what makes you happy.
  7. Once you feel avoided by someone, never disturb them again.
  8. One day you will thank yourself for never giving up , therefore keep hustling

Conclusion – Self Motivation

In this complex world a person can be motivated by anything like it can be human being, music, drama, animals, failure or himself / herself. But Self motivation is all about self power which helps to stay motivated without the influence of other situation and people. Self motivated people don’t need other people as they are enough motivated to perform a extremely difficult challenging task. 

Lastly in the end I would also like to conclude this blog with a quote of Swami Vivekananda

” You have to grow from the inside Out. No one can teach you, None can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul”

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