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Difference between a dissertation and a thesis | Dissertation Writing Services

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Dissertation Assignment Writing Help

Dissertation Assignment Writing Help | Dissertation Homework Help

6 Essentials in a Dissertation,

We have explained how to structure a dissertation. If you want help on structuring a dissertation and looking for steps to write a dissertation then follow the above links.

Now if your teacher asks you to make a dissertation or a thesis, then the structure remains the same for both. You have to start with an introduction then move to the literary review. After this start with Material and Method followed by Results and Conclusion. Wind up the work with references.

Difference between Thesis and Dissertation
Difference between Thesis and Dissertation | Dissertation writing services

The only difference between a thesis and a dissertation is the degree that you are pursuing. A thesis is for obtaining a Master’s degree. While pursuing a master’s degree, you need to work on research of others and come out with the findings and discoveries on works provided by other researchers. In Ph.D. you need to come out with a fresh and new finding by researching deeply on the topic. Hence the difference between a dissertation and a thesis is only on the amount of research put in.

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