Have you ever heard the term “THESIS“? You had to have. This is a word that your college seniors may have used frequently. Their final paper before graduating was referred to as a thesis. But that’s not what we’re going to talk about today. Then what is a thesis statement? How to write a thesis statement? This is what we’ll be talking about. 

If you fail to persuade your readers with your writing, there’s something wrong! College projects often demand persuasive cases in writing. You must convince your reader of your opinion regarding the main topic. This is what we call a thesis statement. Want to know more about what is a thesis statement? Read on. 

What is a Thesis Statement
What is a Thesis Statement

Depending on the style of essay you’re writing, your thesis will be slightly different. However, the thesis statement should always state the major point you wish to make. The rest of your writing should revolve around this concept.

Let’s have a deeper look into what is a thesis statement? How to make a thesis statement? And many more. 

What is a thesis statement?

Thesis statement definition

What is a thesis statement? Have a look at the thesis statement definition as it states a single sentence that summarizes the main point of the topic. The definition of a thesis statement can also be explained as a statement that directs the reader to your interpretation of the topic under discussion and is relevant to the research question.

So what is a thesis statement anyway? A thesis statement basically expresses your beliefs and the evidence you want to present. The difference between a serious research study and a mere relaying of data is a strong thesis statement. 

Thesis Sentence
Thesis Sentence

A thesis statement tells the reader what to expect from the entire piece. At the end of the introduction, a thesis statement specifies the writer’s point of view directly. A thesis statement should be no more than one sentence long. The statement is likely to be replicated elsewhere.

Now that we know what is a thesis statement, let’s dive in to know more. There are two types of thesis statements- direct and indirect. An indirect thesis statement does not disclose the reasons explicitly, whereas a direct thesis statement does.

A thesis statement is never a declaration of fact; instead, it always takes a stand and justifies continued debate. 

How to determine a good thesis statement ?

  • A good thesis statement offers the writing focus and limits the topics you can write about.
  • It serves to tell your readers about the topics you’ll be discussing throughout the body of the report. Your thesis should be explained, supported, or argued in every paragraph of your essay.
  • It should be debatable, presenting an arguable issue on which people can properly disagree. A strong thesis is provocative; it takes a position and validates the discussion you’ll be presenting.
  • A compelling thesis statement is more than a declaration of fact; it must be supported by evidence. Supporting your thesis statement with specific supporting evidence will stimulate your readers’ attention and encourage them to keep reading the work.
  • It addresses a concept that might be adequately covered in the structure of the project.
  • The first-person point of view should not be used in an effective thesis statement. 
  • At times you can also include your supporting points in the thesis statement.  

We have precisely covered what is a thesis statement and which attributes determine a good thesis. Let’s move ahead to know more about how to write a thesis statement with a few thesis statement examples. 

How to write a thesis statement ?

Your writing will have a better direction and organization if you have a clear thesis. Check out how to write a thesis statement and make yours.

The way you write your thesis statement depends on the type of essay you’re writing on. 

  1. Ask a question

Be a reader. Think about what question can arise in their mind while reading your essay.  

For example- If you are writing on the impact of mobile phones on youth. Your thesis statement can start with: Does mobile phones have a positive or negative impact on the youths today? 

  1. Answer your asked question

You can create a tentative response to this topic after some preliminary study. It can be simple at this point, and it should lead the research and writing process.

If you have an argumentative essay in your front, your response should choose a side and take a stance on the topic.

Continuing with the example given above, your answer can be: Mobile phones have a negative rather than positive impact on the younger generation.

  1. Elaborate your answer

Now you have to state the reason behind your answer. Moreover, you have to convince the reader to believe that your point is accurate. 

Your response should get more comprehensive as you learn more about your topic and begin writing. The final thesis statement explains your whole argument rather than simply stating your viewpoint.

Sticking to our example of the impact of mobile phones on youths, more detailed will look like:

Negative impacts of mobile phones are comparatively high: exposure to mature/adult content, spending too much time on games, getting addicted to social media sites, and becoming physically inactive. 

Thesis statement examples can make it easier for you to understand how to write a thesis statement effectively. Continue reading to come across some basic thesis statement examples. 

Tips to make a thesis statement better

Tips to make a thesis statement better
Tips to make a thesis statement better

Understand your topic well

The subject should be something you are familiar with or can study about. Writing a thesis statement, much less a paper, on a topic about which you have no prior knowledge is challenging. Focusing on personal experience and/or conducting research will assist you in learning more about your topic.

Keep it short and attractive

Just one summary should express the paper’s main idea succinctly while also being intriguing enough to persuade the reader to read the complete work. To make it more engaging, use specific language instead of broad words, as well as data or facts.

Keep your paper to a bare minimum

Restrict your topic to a narrow area based on what you understand and the size of your final essay. A large scope usually necessitates a lengthier paper, but a small scope can usually be demonstrated with a shorter paper.

Your thesis should be coherent

Your thesis statement may touch on various areas of your subject, but they should all come together to form a unified whole that expresses one core point. The rest of your paper must confirm and clarify everything provided in your thesis statement.

Make it easily understandable

Your prime goal should be that anybody and everybody who reads your thesis statement should understand the main idea and your point of view immediately. No matter if they have zero knowledge about your topic, your thesis statement should be readable. When writing the sentence, avoid using technical language or acronyms. Ask a person who is unaware of the subject matter to read the thesis statement. If he/she understands, you are good to go.

Ponder your mind thoroughly

In case you’re having problems starting your assignment or crafting your thesis, write down anything that comes to mind concerning your topic on a piece of paper. Consider how you may shape your thesis statement and paper with the ideas you’ve gathered during this approach.

It should be ONLY ONE

It is quite common to become diverted by all of the thoughts that organically develop during the thesis research process. A common mistake is to become sidetracked by them, losing sight of the central topic and argument of the article. Prevent the urge to incorporate several concepts or supporting arguments in your statement and instead focus on the primary, and so only, point.

Thesis statement examples

Suppose your professor has given you an essay to write on the topic– ‘Emergence of citizen journalism in today’s era’

After you are done with the introduction part it’s now time to prepare the thesis statement. 

Is citizen journalism really an advancement to the field? Citizen journalism throws light on issues that are not talked about by the mainstream media. 

Analyze your thesis by asking yourself the following questions:

Have I asked a question?- Yes

Is there an answer to it?- Yes.

What’s my take on the topic?- I support the idea of citizen journalism. It has positive advantages to the field of journalism. 

Have I taken a stand that others might disagree with?- Yes.

Is my thesis specific?- Almost. 

Does it answer how and why questions- It does answer how it is an advancement to the field. However, it doesn’t have an answer to why.

If you are satisfied with all the answers to your thesis analysis. There you go, your thesis statement is ready!

Let’s take another example. Pick a topic say, ‘Portrayal of female artists in Bollywood’

Your thesis statement for the topic can be ‘The Roles of actresses in the industry have evolved over the years. However, is it justified? Today, actresses are seen as sensual objects than as artists who can act.  

Revise your thesis considering the following pointers.

Do I ask a question?- Yes.

Does it have an answer?- Partially.

Have I taken a side others can oppose?- Yes.

Is the statement specific?- Partially. A little more explanation of the idea is required.

Does it answer Why and How questions- Not exactly.

As per your analysis results make corrections and prepare your final thesis statement. Rember, the quality of your thesis statement decides whether the reader will continue reading or not. 

Thesis statement generator

The thesis statement is the most significant portion of your essay, and it must be written in a way that convinces the reader to agree with you. Your thesis statement is the foundation of your essay; if it is weak, the entire structure will crumble.

As a consequence, you’ll want to write a thesis statement that fully covers the issue while also taking a distinctive and innovative approach to the subject.

How can you do this quickly and flawlessly? Using a thesis statement generator. The Internet has everything ready, you see!

Utilizing a thesis statement generator will not only make it quick for you but also assure you that your statement is a bang on. Additionally, you can edit it if you wish to or use it the same way. 

There are many tools that can help you generate an attractive thesis. And guess what, they are free. Below are a few:

Thesis statement template

A thesis statement template can be made for a variety of purposes. The majority of the time, though, you will require this when writing essays. . Since thesis statements are so essential, it’s critical that you understand how to write one well.

Still, hovering whether you will be able to write your own thesis? I have a thesis statement template for you. Take a look.

Sample Argument Template
Sample Argument Template

Conclusion – What is a Thesis Statement

We are about to end and I hope by now you are familiar with what is a thesis statement and how to make one. It’s now your turn. Go over all of the techniques and tricks are given in this blog. Look at the examples. Practice and make the most of the internet. Get the most out of your abilities. Make your readers’ things easier while proving your argument!

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