Essays are the type of written work that help state an opinion about something. They could be humorous, enlightening, and even academic. Essays are written with a lot of considerations, thus through this blog, we aim to examine the points which are a pre-requisite for such a writing. Hence here we analyze the different components concerning essays such as; essay format, essay writing topics, academic essay, essay writing service, tips, essay sample, and some essay example. 

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Essay Format
Essay Format – Image Source

An essay of any type has a specific format. Formatting is what makes the readers indulge in the meaning that a particular essay conveys. Thus, all the essays irrespective of the genre, have some elements in common. Every essay has an introduction, a body with a maximum of 20 focus points, and a conclusion. However, the word limit determines the essay format, some things don’t change.

Furthermore, the introduction is meant to reveal the focal point of the matter and the body must give a detailed explanation of the subject. The body must also clarify the writer’s stand on the subject. Lastly, the conclusion should restate the opinion mentioned above. 

Essay format also includes the appealing use of capitalized letters and other tables of contents. This makes it easy for the reader to go on. Essay format is thus one of the most vital elements that help capture the attention of the masses. 

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There are numerous numbers of essay writing topics that challenge a writer’s perspective. Furthermore, while choosing the topics, a writer may or may not suffer the writer’s block. Hence, one must be careful to constantly choose those topics which challenge and improve your mind and soul as a writer. Here’s a list of some essay writing topics which can help a beginner in this journey of becoming a writer:

  • Education should be free
  • Selling tobacco should be banned
  • Wonder of science
  • The policies of my government
  • Martin Luther King 
  • Time and tide wait for none
  • Youth 


Right from the moment, a child reaches primary school he/she start writing essays. Thus, essays are of various types they help a person channel their emotions and ideologies, and begin a chain of thought that often leads to enlightenment. An academic essay is fact-based and provides evidentiary support for a particular cause. Furthermore, an academic essay addresses a question or enlists a task. Such an essay argues or discusses the developments and thesis. Hence an academic essay is purely based on reasoning and evidence. Moreover, various forms of evidence are presented systematically this is accompanied by relevant examples and information from reliable sources such as academic texts and scriptures. 

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Hence, here are some steps that one can follow to write an inspiring and thought-provoking academic essay:

  • Examine the question or the topic
  • State the keywords 
  • Prepare a rough sketch of the thesis and form a perspective
  • Delve deep into research, one can access a wide range of information through books, journals, newspapers, magazines, and in recent times; the internet
  • The writer can take notes and roughly write or type the information that is gathered.
  • Create a structure or a format and try placing the ideas by dividing them into sections.
  • Start writing a rough first draft 
  • Make a point to constantly re-read and re-analyze the first draft
  • Asking for honest feedback always improves the quality of the essay.
  • After editing and correcting, make sure that you place the citations and quotations in the final draft.

An academic essay helps the students to test their skills and explore the world of writing. It also aids in the process of choosing a career path and making important decisions in life. It also reinstates the ideas and philosophies and helps the writer realize his/her position in society. 


As the name suggests, short essays are more or less similar to regular essays, however, the length is much shorter. There are several fundamental principles and guidelines for short essay writing. Furthermore, like any other essay, short essay writing also comprises an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. All of these components are shorter in length as the word limit for short essays is only 500 words. 

For the introduction in a short essay writing topics, the writer must write only one paragraph with an impactful opening line or a quote, this should open the pathway for the body of the essay.

Next, in the body of the short essay writing topics, the strongest point of the argument shall be put first in order, followed by the less strong points and then the weakest points in the end. 

Lastly, the conclusion must collectively summarize the meaning and the writer’s stand in the essay. It should also provoke the readers to develop a perspective. 

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As it is said, the biggest explosions originate from the smallest of things, a small writing task can make a huge impact by using the correct language. Moreover, a person indulged in short essay writing must always be clear concerning the next step. 

The readers or the audiences are often more interested in reading the shorter write-ups as compared to the long and repetitive ones. Thus, the writer can explore a variety of essay examples for short essay writing. Here are some essay examples:


It is written to apply for scholarships, such an essay describes the student’s desire to study and the need to obtain the monetary benefit. It is crisp and to the point. This essay example helps reveal the personality of the student and highlights certain life experiences. This type of essay example must stand out.


This one from the list of essay examples is about investigating an idea by presenting relevant examples and hardcore evidence. The writer must have adequate knowledge about the subject as well as proper research accompanied by investigation and examining skills. Such an essay example describes a particular subject in great detail. 


Such an essay example narrates a story or an anecdote. Thus, it creatively depicts a story that is likely to be a personal experience. 


A short argumentative essay is an essay example, which carefully represents arguments on both sides of the issue. It analyses the for and against, which can be balanced or biased. Thus, the thought process and the perception of the writer heavily impact this type of short essay writing task.

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Essay Writing Service Provider
Essay Writing Service Provider

Essays are written by those who have a natural knack for writing and creatively presenting an idea or a phenomenon. This skill though very useful is not acquired by all but required by many. Thus, to aid those who lack these skills there a range of essay writing service outlets that craft original and unique essays that always inspire. Moreover, essay writing services/essay writing websites are necessary to help a student or a professional success in his or her chosen field of education or career. 

Essay writing service/essay writing website is available all around the globe and in almost all countries with a system of formal education. However, one should be aware of the services to expect from such an organization. Hence, here’s a list of essay writing service providers.

  • Write My Essays
  • Essay USA
  • Paper Help
  • MyAdmissionEssay
  • Cheap Paper Writing
  • Get Nursing Essay
  • Grade Miners
  • Mentyor
  • 99 Papers
  • Studdit
  • EssayPro
  • EssayBox

Therefore, this extended list of service providers deliver reputed essay writing service. Online services of this kind are relatively cheaper and easy to access, especially for college students and young professionals. 

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Lastly, we leave a piece of wisdom for all those who wish to explore the world of writing. Though each creative writer posses his or her ideologies and philosophies, we simply wish to provide a structure and a form to those unique ideas. Hence, here are some essay writing tips:


The first one is all about engrossing the readers using a story. Essays depict a variety of changes and conflicts, they are meant to convey a set of impactful events. Thus an essay must narrate a story that has a captivating ending. No matter what topic or theme, the analyses, the argument, and the in-depth research shall make the essay interesting and appealing. 


An academic essay sample might not be fun to read and understand. However, the writer can use certain elements which make the essay example more appealing and enjoyable. The use of quotes by famous personalities or a small paragraph with an anecdote are only a few ways of adding a spark on plain white paper. 

The writer must constantly question himself or herself about how can he or she make the essay sample lively. Furthermore, thorough research of the most unbelievable facts concerning the topic can help the writer jollify the essay example. 


While filling up the blank spaces of the plain paper, the writer must constantly ask, that “what is the tempting cause of this essay sample?” It simply means that the writer should figure out one component of the essay sample that stands out and will appeal to the reader more than anything. Often essays are written with a great vocabulary and crafted in a perfect structure but the writer fails to add the element that serves as an igniting spark. 

Thus, the essay example must consist of a unique element that can amuse the reader. 


A lot of great writers have enlightened us by sharing their methods of chasing a writer’s block. Writer’s block occurs when the writer cannot think of any unique ideas or forgets how to add his touch to the piece. This can become a serious problem and the best solution is to break the monotony, choosing topics from different genres. However, this might not be always possible, thus, the writer can simply enlist a few unique points that convey the broader meaning of the topic. This can help him or her to then form paragraphs and continue with the essay example. Furthermore, the method is also useful when the writer is bound by a deadline.


Any task of writing has several tricks that help a writer achieve a certain goal. Deep research is one way of writing a brilliant essay sample. Source citations undertaken during the research help the reader realize that the piece of information presented to them is from a credible and reliable source of writing. Through this, not only does your essay sample gain popularity but it also gains the confidence of the readers. Furthermore, there are plenty of sources that can help a writer, such as books, journals, the internet, and people. 


News reports answer the questions of what, when, why, where, who, and how (5Ws and 1H) of a particular event. Whereas an essay sample answers the ‘what?’ Aspect of an event. However, a good essay sample will also describe the ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ Aspects of the topic. The writer must always provide answers to and basis of every argument and evidence presented. This refines one’s skills as a writer as well as provides greater credibility to the piece of writing. 

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Lastly, no matter how complicated writing is, it will always be a fun job for those who love to explore and record. While there are a lot of tips that one can share, it mainly depends on the individual writer to possess new, creative, and out-of-the-box ideas. It is important to keep in mind the essay writing format/essay format but one should also remember the uncountable topics and theme which encourage the readers to think differently. It is upon the writer to take charge of the ship and explore the new world of opportunities and imagination.

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