In our last blog Difference between a Dissertation and a Thesis with Mentyor’s Dissertation Writing Services,

we understood the difference between a Dissertation and a Thesis. So a dissertation is a cornerstone of a Ph.D. program and hence you can derive its importance. It becomes extremely important for students to write a well-articulated dissertation. Besides comprehensively covering the sub-topics of your title, one should also pay attention to the layout of the dissertation. The sub-topics must flow into the next one and a reader should not feel an absurd change in the topic while reading.

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What are the methods of writing a dissertation? | Dissertation Writing

A Dissertation is a detailed essay which is used by Ph.D. scholars to present their final findings on the studies done by them during the doctorate. There are two methods of doing dissertation research, mentioned below.

  1. Quantitative Dissertation research
  2. Qualitative Dissertation research

We shall have a brief discussion on both the methods so that you can choose what type suits your dissertation well. You can also save your time by taking cheap essay writing service from Mentyor. We provide a 3-Stage quality assured assignment to you while working closely with your demands. We are even among the top essay writing services UK and have experts who are natives of English speaking nations. This gives you an edge over others as there is a nil probability of any type of grammatical error.

Quantitative Dissertation Research
Quantitative Dissertation Research | Dissertation Writing

Quantitative Dissertation research: It involves two sections, the first is the primary data collection in which you collect the empirical data pertaining to your topic. The second section deals with Secondary Data analysis where the data obtained by the researcher is statistically analyzed to produce new results and summary. It is mainly used where the topic can be quantitatively judged.

Qualitative Dissertation research
Qualitative Dissertation research | Dissertation Writing

Qualitative Dissertation research: When you have a topic which cannot be quantified directly then you have to use a qualitative dissertation research method. Researchers make use of interviews, open-ended questions or you might even have to do a study on a group of people and their responses. Three most common ways of approaching the qualitative dissertation method are via case-studies, phenomenology which includes people describing ‘lived experiences’ and the third being the generic quantitative inquiry in which the researchers make use of a little amount of data to come to a conclusion. The third type should not be used by a fresher as it requires an extensive knowledge of the subject.

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