Artificial Intelligence is a field that is booming with potential and frequent innovations. With the world becoming digitized, almost everyone is partaking in the digital world whether it be in the form of social media or video streaming platforms, or simply even just surfing the web. If data is considered to be the fuel of the new world, then Artificial Intelligence can be said to be one of the engines that run on data. 

The demand for Artificial Intelligence programs is only increasing. Thus many Universities for Artificial Intelligence is being developed for the growing demand. 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is an amalgamation of Computer Science, Data Science, Engineering, and Human Psyche studies. It aims to upgrade human lives and bring ease into our way of daily living. As such it is one of the most sought after programs on the rise.  Master in Artificial Intelligence and Also Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence are on the rise with many Universities offering lucrative courses to take part in the new age of data. 

We bring to you a list of the top 10 recommended best universities for Artificial Intelligence in USA. So Keep reading to find an Artificial Intelligence program that fits you the best.  

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Top 10 Best Universities for Artificial Intelligence

Top 10 Best Universities for Artificial Intelligence
Top 10 Best Universities for Artificial Intelligence

Carnegie Mellon University

Situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University is one of the first Universities to offer a Bachelor degree in Artificial Intelligence. It is ranked at no. 1 by US News College Rankings. According to the official website of Carnegie Mellon University, it has been the leader in AI research since the time AI was invented in the 1950s. 

It offers two degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence
  • Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

The bachelor in AI course is an interdisciplinary one with professors and instructors from the Computer Science department, human-computer interactions institute, computer software institute etc. in addition to these industry-oriented courses, they also offer human ethics and social responsibility classes. Given that it’s one of the top private institutions in the world, their lab is also of cutting-edge technology. Carnegie Mellon University was the first to even create an autonomous vehicle using neural networks in 1985. 

The acceptance rate here is 15%. As such, Carnegie is among the best universities for Artificial Intelligence in USA and also the entire world. 

The Tuition fees for the undergraduate course begins at around $58,000 for Undergraduate courses and $46000 for Graduate courses.  

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

One of the top 3 universities in the world, MIT is well-known for its science and technology programs. Although MIT does not offer a direct course in Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence, it does offer a bachelor in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence. 

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in MIT began in 1950 and merged with the Computer Science laboratory in 2003 as both the disciplines are highly interconnected. Since then, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAI) is one of the largest and most famous laboratories of MIT. 

Apart from this, MIT also offers a degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences which aims to “Reverse engineer” the human mind by studying the brain at different levels. Even though not machine-related, this course offers a broader understanding of the workings of the human brain and thus helps create AI that can mimic a human brain better. 

MIT was also the first to create an emotional AI called “Kismet” as early as the 90s. Kismet could interact with its caregiver and showcase emotions through its expressions, almost like a human infant. 

MIT has an acceptance rate of 7%

The annual tuition fee is around $55,878. 

Stanford University

Another one of the best universities for Artificial Intelligence in US is Stanford University. Stanford doesn’t offer a direct bachelor in Artificial Intelligence but instead, it offers a bachelor in Computer science degree with a specialization in AI. 

The research facilities at Stanford is par excellence. The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, also known as SAIL, is one of the best research laboratories for AI and was started in 1962. SAIL offers individual courses in NLP, Machine Learning, AI, Robotics etc. 

Stanford also offers a graduate certificate course in AI. Graduate students with a suitable bachelors degree may even apply for their MSc in Ai programs. 

The tuition fee of the course is around $56,169. 

The University of California, Berkley | Universities for Artificial Intelligence

Among the best universities for Artificial Intelligence in USA, the University of California offers undergraduate degrees in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotic etc. 

The Berkley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab is one of the best places for research in the country. It boasts a roster of more than a dozen faculty members and over a hundred graduate students and researchers. Currently, BAIR is working towards connecting Artificial Intelligence with other scientific and humanities approaches. 

Their Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department also offers courses related to AI like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc. 

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Harvard University, USA

Harvard University, USA
Harvard University, USA

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University needs no introduction. Among the top 3 best universities around the world, Harvard has a plethora of excellent courses to choose from. Established in 2007, Harvard’s John A Paulson’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Institute for Applied Computational Science offers different AI-related Graduate programs. 

Harvard has a modern research approach. It follows the principle of interdisciplinary research. So students of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have the flexibility and the freedom to conduct their research in collaboration with students of different disciplines. 

 The Future Society at Harvard created the AI initiative. This initiative aims to frame global policies concerning AI. Thus, Harvard not only tends towards the technological aspects of AI but also keeps an eye on the effects that AI may have on society as a whole. 

Cornell University

Ranked at no. 5 by US News Rankings, Cornell University is one of the best universities for Artificial Intelligence in USA. It is located in Ithaca, New York and is one of the Ivy League schools. 

Cornell University offers various degrees with AI as a specialization. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with AI specialization. And it also offers Bachelor in Arts in Computer Science with AI specialization.

 In addition to the undergraduate courses, Cornell University also offers a Master degree in Artificial Intelligence. Masters of Engineering in Computer Science with AI research and also MS in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence Research. 

The tuition fee of the course is around $61,000 per year. 

Yale University

One of the most renowned universities in the world, Yale University offers both Bachelor in Science and Bachelor in Arts degrees for computer science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. 

They also offer MS in Computer Science with an Artificial Intelligence focus and a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence research. 

Yale has numerous, world-renowned faculties working in Artificial Intelligence. Their main areas of research in AI include Machine Learning, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, etc. The research is also beginning to focus on the more societal facets of AI and ethics. 

The tuition fee for the course is around $60,000 per year. 

Purdue University | Universities for Artificial Intelligence

Purdue University is considered to be one of the best universities for Artificial Intelligence in USA. As a part of its Bachelors in Computer Science program, Purdue University offer courses in Data mining, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning etc. it also offers a Machine Intelligence track as a part of its Computer Science curriculum. 

Apart from the opportunities provided to undergraduate students, they also offer a very lucrative research program for graduate students. AI research at Purdue includes a variety of subjects including robotics natural language processing, planning, computer vision etc. 

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois boasts an impressive AI Laboratory which was established in 1991. The research done here at this laboratory focuses on applying AI methodologies to the real world. 

The Grainger College of Engineering offers courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  In 2020, two new artificial intelligence institutes were planned to be opened at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. It is funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

University of Pennyslavania

University of Pennyslavania
University of Pennyslavania

The University of Pennsylvania offers a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and cognitive science with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence research. It also offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science and cognitive sciences with a specialization in Artificial intelligence. 

In addition to undergraduate degrees, it has MS in Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

UPenn has Artificial Intelligence labs including General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab and Penn Research in Machine Learning, among a few. 

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Conclusion | Universities for Artificial Intelligence

Whether it is communication, entertainment or E-commerce, AI can be found everywhere. It has integrated with the fabrics of our lives in such a way that almost all of our choices concern AI in some way. Whether it is using smart speakers like Alexa, or even ordering fresh groceries online, AI has contributed to everything. 

The AI market worldwide is supposed to grow to a staggering $190.61 billion in a few years by 2025. [1] As such, AI has become a completely indisposable part of our lives. The demand for learning AI in-depth keeps increasing. Leading Universities worldwide are stepping up to provide top-notch courses in Artificial Intelligence. So if you wish to contribute to this data-driven world by making innovations, then AI may just be the right path for you. 


[1] Todorov, G. (2021, February 26). 65 Artificial Intelligence Statistics for 2021 and Beyond. Semrush Blog.

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