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At the end of each semester and the whole academic year you’re asked to write one research paper. For many students it seems like a good research paper comes with many sleepless nights, anxiety and a lot of stress. But does it really have to be that way? Know tips for good research paper in a while.

To write a good research paper you should have the proper amount of time, correct materials and sources and some helpful advice to help you throughout the process. Read further to know about them!

The Process

The normal process to write a research paper are listed as follows –

write a research paper
The Process
  1. Know your assignment properly
  2. Selection of your topic
  3. Researching on that topic
  4. Organization of that research 
  5. Write down a thesis
  6. Creation of an outline
  7. Writing the entire essay
  8. Correction for grammar and content (against plagiarism)
  9. Re-read and re-read and then submission

You need more than just these to write a good research paper. Let’s dive into the way you can efficiently write one.

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Tips for good research paper

Tips for good research paper

Pick a very engaging topic for your assignment 

Choosing a topic which is well researched and has been studied with various approaches and study techniques is very much required. However it is mandatory to select a topic which interests you the best. So that you don’t get bored in the middle and start to procrastinate about it. 

Asking questions regarding the topic and finding the answers yourself will be a big help in getting to do your task. Asking your professor about it will also be of additional help as well.

Research from reputable sources

Your research should be done from reputable sources. Websites ending with .gov or .edu are good sources. Don’t forget Google Scholar, Google Books or Microsoft Academic – they are full of research papers from authentic universities and sources.

Online libraries like NSLD (National Science Digital Library) and NAP (National Academic Press) are sources of high quality materials. You just have to type in your topic and press the search button and you’re good to go.

Your paper needs a thesis

We know you’re not arguing against or for the topic in question in your research paper but it still does need a thesis. A thesis is nothing but a short statement which you and your professor are trying to make or prove in that research paper of yours. 

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The starting point of your thesis will be some sort of answer to an important question, something which revolves around your topic. For example –

My research paper explains the psychology behind humans finding dogs or puppies cute.

And then you start explaining your points.

It’s not that hard is it?

Creation of an outline 

Creating an outline is of much importance to your research paper. If your paper consists of two main headlines, three to four subheadlines might do the trick. In school you might have written long essays consisting of 2-3 big paragraphs, you can use the same old method but your paper should be on point and precise and lastly, readable.

As you create your outline you will start thinking of the necessary points which need to be present in your research paper and thus will make it efficient. It will make everything well structured, neat and precise and will help you to make your paper clear and organised. 

Usually, a good research paper has an official outline. Which consist of the following –

An introduction

But it is usually the content which matters the most. So your body or main content of your research paper should be apt.


Writing is the crucial part of writing a research paper. Don’t worry about grammatical mistakes or anything – just write. You will have ample amount of time to edit your paper. 

Incorporating your own ideas in the paper will avoid plagiarism.

If you’re using quotation words to words it’s mandatory to cite your reference. Even if you’re paraphrasing it, it’s always a good thing to refer to them.

But if something is a common fact as for example – Water is colourless, tasteless and odourless liquid. It is not necessary to cite the sources because it is a well known common fact even though this sentence has been used thousands of times in various websites.


Editing is also a very important aspect of your writing. This means structuring your content with precision and making it readable more and more. Breaking down the paragraphs makes it even more readable. 

Reading your content two to three times will make you identify your grammatical mistakes or any factual mistakes which you have done.

Running your research paper through an anti plagiarism tool is always healthy so that you can make the necessary changes to avoid plagiarism.

Once you have made the necessary changes, read back your paper to make sure it makes sense. You can always ask your friend to read through your paper if you’re tired of looking at it.

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By this time you’re done and good to go. Make sure to correct all of your grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes and styles to make it readable. 

Make sure your paper is well structured and easy to understand properly. Add some space to every paragraph in case you had to put in additional information.

If you pay attention to these small details your research paper is ready to go. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions –

  1. What is the best way to state the background of your research?

You can put it up in the introduction, including an explanation of the basis of your research.

  1. What is the rationale of a research paper?

Rationale is the reason behind your conduction of research on the given topic. It is mandatory to write your rationale if it’s an official college or university research paper.

  1. How can one write a proper summary?

A proper, short, precise explanation of the content at the end of your paper is a summary. Remember to make it impactful.

  1. What does ‘Lead Author’ mean?

The author who takes the overall responsibility of the research paper is known as the ‘lead author’.

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