The famous Voltaire, a lush multifaceted writer whose works range from plays, poems, essays to historic and scientific works. His writings had influenced many great writers and revolutionaries. Here are the tips on How To Write An Essay – Best Essay Writing Service.

“Writing is the painting of the voice.”


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How To Write An Essay - Best Essay Writing Service
How To Write An Essay – Best Essay Writing Service

How to write a good essay? | How To Write An Essay

While anybody can write a normal essay, you need to have that gift to write an outstanding essay. An outstanding essay clearly defines every paragraph. Each paragraph is connected to the other coherently and logically. Without a thorough research, it is impossible to write an outstanding essay (Source: Wikihow). An essay contains three main parts:


The introduction contains the basic explanation of the topic and keywords. After the explanation of keywords, the introduction should give a brief idea about the author’s argument.

Main Body

The main body should contain the arguments in a PREP style. PREP stands for- Point, Reason, Example, and Point. It means that a single argument should be structured in PREP style. It gives the reader a proper explanation of your argument and influences a reader to believe in your arguments.


The conclusion is the last paragraph of the essay in which you analyze the impacts of arguments. The impacts may be on the basis of Social, Political, Economic, Legal and Technological aspects. A good essay has an impactful conclusion which clearly winds up the arguments and influences a reader to believe the author.

Essay writing service | Essay Quotes | College Essay Writing Service

Essay writing service
Essay writing service

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