A research paper is the best method to comprehensively put forward the studies and result of an experiment. In the college, you will have to write a lot of research papers and you will be evaluated on the basis of that. It is difficult to find a topic of your choice which is high scoring as well. Mentyor has compiled 10 Best research paper topics 2018 of every subject that will make your grades touch the peak. It is imperative that you use fresh topics that haven’t been researched widely.

How to select research paper topics in 2018? – Best Way to Select Research Paper Topics

From the list below choose your idea and then thoroughly search out research papers pertaining to the topic. Choose your area of interest in that topic and get started! Our Comprehensive list for research paper topics 2018 includes topics from – Management, Health, Engineering, Environment, Humanities.

Management RESEARCH Paper Topics – Research Paper Topics 2018

Management has become a widespread career choice among the students these days. It offers a wide pool of job opportunities but also demands a lot of hard work. There are a plethora of subjects in which you can write down a research article. We have compiled a list of 10 best Management Research Paper Topics 2018.

Warehouse Industry of an Area, Supply chain mapping of a Product, Evolution of business models in B2C, Employment Referral Program, Product Design: Coherence with Supply chain and Electric Cars: Industry and Customers, Environmental Pollution and Industrialization, Trade Wars: Comprehensive Impact, Consumer Price Index vs. Wholesale Price Index and Denuclearize and Free Trade

Research Paper Topic 2018

Health Research Paper Topics – Research Paper Topics 2018

The health sector is the most important area of research. Mankind has won over most of the life-threatening diseases by exploring wide areas of medicine. Experts and medical professionals believe that there is, even more, to be researched in this field. We have compiled a list of 10 best Medical Research Paper Topics 2018.

Health Research Paper topic 2018

Nipah Virus: A comprehensive study, Plantation in Mars, Cancer: Aftereffects of treatment, Spatial variation of diseases around the world, Yoga: How does it work?, How to prevent Osteoarthritis?, Effect of obesity on life Expectancy, Effect of antioxidant on anxiety disorder and depression, Malnutrition in the Middle East, Allergies arising from food

Engineering Research Paper Topics – Research Paper Topics 2018

Engineering is a key subject when we talk about infrastructure development in a country. It is the most sought-after course in several developed and countries. We have compiled a list of 10 best Engineering Research Paper Topics 2018.

Research Paper Topics 2018

Impact of autonomous robots in the industry, How to increase the shelf life of food, Electric cars: Is something missing?, Big Data, Hyperloop: A new way of traveling?, War technology, Internet of things and cloud computing, Digitization: How far have we reached?, Genetic Engineering, Development in space travel

Environment Research Paper Topics 2018 – Research Paper Topics 2018

We can see the planet’s condition degrading day by day due to the wastefulness of resources. It is important for mankind to realize that the environment needs to be saved. We have brought you top 10 impact Environment Research Paper topics 2018.


New air pollutants, How to make most of the arid lands, Depleting oil: What needs to needs to be done, US pulling out of COP, How to extract the most out of Solar Energy, Mining Industry, How to remove pollutants from water, Analysis of energy consumption per capita of the world, Why is nuclear energy not the best option?, How to extract the most out of Wind energy?

Humanities Research Paper Topics 2018 – Research Paper Topics 2018

Humanities is a study of humankind, its behavior, and art it produces. The man has to evolve in terms of social and physical health. Humanities is a vast subject hence we have compiled a list of top 10 articles relating to humanities.


Religion and War, Is human cloning ethical?, Evolution of novels, Analysis of Freudian theory, Evolution of World architecture, Euthanasia, Racism: Rising?, Urbanization: How does it impact the life of a person?, Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism: Which is better?, Suffrage: Do we need to uplift minimum age?

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