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What is a research paper? Guide to research paper writing

A research paper is a comprehensive article with facts and figures on the topic and the results and conclusion derived from calculations performed on the facts and figures. A research paper should not be plagiarized and it should contain the author’s view on the topic. For the research paper to be plagiarism-free the facts and figures should be gathered by unique experiments and the result should contain all the observations of the experiment. To write a research paper one must have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject so that he does not miss any aspect.

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Guide to research paper writing

Structure of a research paper

There are different templates provided by the research paper publishers but all the research papers more or less contain the same structure. The templates might differ in font size and layout of the paper but the content remains the same. We shall start the guide to research paper writing.

Title: The title should be crisp and precise. The title is the first impression of your research paper and it should be catchy so that people feel compelled to read the paper.

Abstract: It contains the essence of writing the research paper on the topic. We generally introduce the topic and give a reason for writing the research paper. It should contain the aim of writing the research paper.

Introduction: It should give a brief account of the history of the topic and then connect it with the present scenario. It should also contain what the paper attempts to address and what results the calculations would show.

Material and Method: It should explain the basic keywords and jargons of the topic. It should also explain the methods and formulae used for the formulation of data into results. Calculations should be imbibed in this section.

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Results and Discussion: This part consists of the outcomes of the calculations. It should explain what the data obtained after the calculations show. It should explore the scope of further discussion on the topics and weigh the “for and against” arguments pertaining to the result.

Conclusion: This section should put in the author’s view of the arguments and clearly communicate the main findings of the experiment. The impact of the result on the present world should also be discussed.

References: This is a very important section and it should include the name and author of every research paper from which information is incorporated in your research paper. The reference section has a proper template in which you should also write the full reference as to from where the research paper was published and the page number. A typical reference looks like the following: ASAE EP496.3. 2006. Agricultural Machinery Management. 2006 ASABE Standards, St. Josephs, MI.

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