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A Dissertation is a final paper by the students who are pursuing doctorate degree. Completing a dissertation entails extensive reading and research of related papers. Academic professionals have now set a trend to give dissertation in undergraduate and master’s level as well. This puts a heavy pressure on the shoulders of the students. We at Mentyor, wish to reduce this pressure from the students so that they can explore their talents in several fields other than academics.

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What are the main parts of a dissertation?

What are the main parts of a dissertation?
What are the main parts of a dissertation? | Dissertation writing service


At Mentyor’s online assignment help, we have compiled a list of 6 essential parts of a dissertation. Any student ought to incorporate these parts in a dissertation. It also gives a step by step approach to write a dissertation in a well articulated manner where paragraphs are logically connected. The five main parts of a dissertation are-

  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature
  • Material and Method
  • Result and Discussion
  • Summary and Conclusion
  • References


At the start of the dissertation, we should always introduce the topic and explain the keywords in the topic if any. After the keywords are explained, the problem statement should be stated which is answered in the dissertation. Introduction should also include a brief summary of papers which have contributed for the topic. Basically introduction is the part where you have to show that why are you doing a dissertation on this topic and how is it different from the past works in that topic. Our experts at Mentyor’s online assignment help provide a very crisp and catchy introduction to students.

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Review of Literature

Review of literature is a section in which we talk about the studies carried out by different scholars in the field. One should try to incorporate every significant paper related to the topic. It demands a lot of reading and research of the academic papers. Mentyor provides you with thoroughly researched papers so that you have the time to explore your horizons. In Mentyor’s dissertation writing service, students get a well researched bundle of papers and a short description of every paper.

Material and Method

All the calculations and formulae pertaining to the course are mentioned in the Method and Material subheading. First we introduce the formulae and the abbreviations in the formulae for the understanding of the reader. After that we start with the calculation if any in the section. The aim of material and method in the dissertation is to explain the way of arriving at the result(s). Our experts at Mentyor’s online homework help are adept in understanding the requirement of the subheading and hence deliver the most appropriate content.

Result and Discussion

Result and Discussion | Dissertation writing service

The final result obtained after calculation or a discussion is described in the Result and Discussion page. The subheading should contain precise and to the point results which are related to the problem mentioned in the introduction. The discussion entailing the results should throw the light on both positive and negative aspects of the outcome.


Summary and Conclusion

The inclination of your arguments should be mentioned in the summary and conclusion. In this section, you have to counter the arguments that are against your arguments. Mentyor experts provide you the best academic writing service by keeping all these points in mind. They are extremely experienced in providing expert dissertation writing service to students and hence inculcate these points adeptly in the dissertation.


References section includes the domain name of all the research papers that were helpful in completing the project. The reference section must contain the name of the paper from which any data is incorporated into your paper. You can also refer to any of the past papers you have written on the topic.

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