An argumentative essay is an essay which uses strong evidence and striking facts to support the claim that the writer is making. The primary purpose of an argumentative essay is to persuade the reader about the argument made while writing the essay. Here are 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay.

What is an argumentative essay?

A good argumentative essay uses facts and evidence to support the argument that is made in the essay. Argumentative essay is not only about the writer’s thoughts and opinions. But it also makes use of the facts and data to support the argument.

It is also necessary that the evidence collected come from a genuine source. Since there are a whole lot of information available on the internet, the writer needs to choose the correct source of information. It is often seen the information in an argumentative essay comes from the writer’s mind. But that information needs to be supplemented with proper sources.

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of an argumentative essay is to persuade the readers regarding the argument made. Therefore, in this case the use of factual information becomes very important. The essay should have balanced arguments. The essay must contain both sides of the issue that are in place.

The two ways that can be incorporated for an argumentative essay are firstly both the sides of the issue is presented equally. Secondly, one side of the essay can be presented more forcefully than the other. (Source: PrepScholar)

Argumentative essay outline – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay

The outline of an argumentative essay is typical that of an essay. An argumentative essay comprises of an introduction. Next comes the main body. After the main body is the counterargument (if there is any) and lastly the conclusion.

Format of an Argumentative Essay – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay


The introduction of an argumentative essay is attention grabber of the essay by itself. If the introduction of the essay grabs the attention of the reader, then he/she will be more interested in reading it.

Body of Paragraph

The body of the essay consist the major portion of the essay. In the main body of the essay, arguments are put forward. The arguments can be well balanced between the two sides or else one side can take the forefront.

Third Paragraph

The third paragraph consist of the counterargument if it is required to be mentioned in the essay. This section of the essay has the second opinion or the second perspective of the writer.

Last Paragraph

The last paragraph is the conclusion. Conclusion contains the key points that were included in the essay. It is the highlights of the total essay pointing out the basic and important points that was earlier written.

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Models for an Essay – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay

For an argumentative essay, there are basically two models. The two models are the Toulmin Model and the Rogerian Model.

Toulmin Model – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay

Toulmin model is the style of an argumentative essay that divides the essay into basically six parts. The first part is the claim. Second is the ground. Third is the warrant. Fourth is qualifier. Fifth is rebuttal and sixth is backing.

Toulmin Model
Toulmin’s Model (Source: Pinterest)

The Toulmin model is important because it helps to evaluate that how each component of the argument is working. This model helps to analyze in detail whether the component is working in isolation or in conjunction with other components. (Source: EnglishComposition)

Rogerian Model – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay

Rogerian Model
Rogerian Model

The Rogerian model or the Rogerian rhetoric is a form of argumentative essay that aims in establishing a middle ground between parties with different viewpoints. The Rogerian argument is useful in daily life as it helps in negotiating with family, friends etc. (Source: VisualCommunication Guy)

How to start an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay can be divided into small paragraphs. The number of paragraphs totally depends upon the writer. Starting from the first paragraph itself it is important for the writer to engage the readers with the context of the essay. In the first paragraph it is quite important that the writer introduces the context of the article for review from a general perspective. From the next part i.e. the main body, it is important for the writer to explain the reason why the topic is important. The concluding part should have the thesis statement as an ending. (Source: OwlPurdueEdu)

Good topics for magical argumentative essay – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay

Argumentative essays are something that both school going students, college students look for. These essays mainly form the course in exams or when they are preparing something.

On Science – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay

Some of the good argumentative essay topics can be related to different fields. They can be either in education field, political field, science and technology or social background. Topics like “Put a little science in your life” by Brian Greene speaks about the relevance of science and technology in our daily life. This essay is argumentative in nature as it presents the arguments between digital products and biotechnology.

On Social Background – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay

Another topic of an argumentative essay which portrays the separation of public school as an argument. The essay “Boys here, Girls there, If Equality’s the Goal” by Karen Stabiner has been supported with court case evidence.

The essay “The Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle has presented this essay in first person plural dialogues. This is a famous argumentative essay that put forward facts with strong facts.

Some other good argumentative essay topics can be “Students who study abroad achieve greater success”. Another interesting topic can be “Without alcohol, the world would be a better place”. The third interesting topic “Social media is destruction or benefit to social interaction”. There are plenty of topics available in the domain of argumentative essay. (Source: LiteraryDevices)

Tips to write magical argumentative essay – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay

The central pillars of writing an argumentative essay are passion and research. With research and passion the essay becomes a clear success.

Tips to write magical argumentative essay - 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay
8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay (Source: OwlCation)

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The important tips that can be followed in writing magical argumentative essay

There are a few tips that is to be followed while writing an essay. In the case for argumentative essay, the requirements are slightly different.

8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay – Tips to follow while writing an argumentative essay

Read Essay prompt

Read the essay prompt carefully and understand the question of the argumentative essay.

Choose a suitable topic

Choosing a suitable topic for the essay is the key. The topic chosen must be the domain for the writer. You have to be passionate about the topic you are writing.

Good Argument

For the essay to be successful the writer must have a good argument in place supported with proper sources.


The importance of research is the key to success for an argumentative essay. Therefore it is good to be having a proper research in place for both the points. The points you are making in the argument should balanced out.


Another important point to be kept in mind while writing an essay is that the writer needs to gather all the point of information to be written in the essay.

Support for Thesis

Provide a strong support for your thesis so the argumentative essay gets stronger and the reader shall have a proper understanding of the topic.


Formatting the essay is very important. Therefore, to make the essay reader-friendly the writer must write the essay in a proper format. The usual format while writing an essay is to break the essay into introduction, main body and conclusion.

Passion for writing

The last point is that of passion for writing an essay. Passion for writing an article must be present in the essay itself. The passion for writing has to come out in the essay. (Source- YourDictionary)

Conclusion – 8 Tips to write magical argumentative essay

For a writer to be successful in writing an argumentative essay it is important to follow certain aforesaid points. The passion and knowledge for writing the essay is very important. At the same time research about the topic helps in the success of the essay.

The formatting of the essay like dividing the essay into introduction, body and conclusion are also important. Argumentative essay is not only about placing the points in the essay. It also includes a synchronizing way to write the essay. The link between the points will make the readers easily understand the essay.

Another key point that has to be kept in mind while writing the essay is that the essay has to be clear and concise. There is no need to exaggerate on any point. But explaining for the context of understanding needs to be done. To conclude the blog, it must be remembered that the understanding is the key to success and steps must be taken to efficiently write the essay.

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