Looking to find what is the last step in creating an argumentative essay? The news channels are always filled with politicians’ arguments propagating their agenda. If you happen to lend your ear to a cogent speaker, he is bound to change your political inclination for a while. It is not because of his speaking skills but because of the strength of arguments that he makes.

He is well versed with the facts, making it difficult for one to confront him. We need a similar attitude while writing an argumentative essay; we need to investigate a topic thoroughly, evaluate evidence and establish a position on the topic in a crisp and immaculate manner. Check below on what is the last step in creating an argumentative essay.

The final step will be a binding one; you can either distort your idea or set a clear message to the readers. The body of the essay will be containing facts and figures. All you need now is to bind those facts and figures and bundle them in a logical argument. A single bad paragraph can distort your essay.

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What is the Last Step in Creating An Argumentative Essay – Steps to Write Perfect Argumentative Essay

  • Addressing Your Audience:

After you have stated the facts and figures, all you need to do is connect emotionally with your audience. Address them emphatically and choose your words that touch the soul of the reader.

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Addressing audience


  • Be Clear with Communications:

While it is difficult to straightaway refute the opposite arguments, you need to logically attack the arguments in a clear-cut way. Do not mingle with words which may sound ambiguous.

What is the Last Step in Creating An Argumentative Essay - Clear Communication
  • Proper Revision of Essay:

After you have finished writing, revise the essay. Due to bombarding facts and figures, the paragraphs may not seem coherent. Revise and revise so that every paragraph is connected to other and the coherency is not lost.

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  • Editing of the Final Essay:

Now when you are finished with the content, give your article a makeover. The better it looks the appealing it will seem. But the appearance should be kept subtle and use of too many colors is not what you would want.


While writing an argumentative essay, you cannot just look up to a single source. You need to have a holistic perspective for writing a good argumentative research paper. In a highly packed schedule, you might find it difficult to find time for studying different views.

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