Searching for Interesting Annotated Bibliography Topics? You are at the best place as we have combined a total of 10 most influential & interesting annotated bibliography topics for you. An annotated bibliography is a collection of citations of books, articles, and other academic documents. The citation is followed by a brief description and critical evaluation of the cited article. The main objective of writing an annotated bibliography is to evaluate almost all academic documents relating to a topic. It is very difficult for a student to devout such a large amount of time- first to search all the academic papers related to that topic and then to comprehend and write a brief description of the papers. We at Mentyor help students to complete their assignments at very affordable prices. Our experts have plenty of experience in academic writing and are specialists in their respective fields.

How to write an annotated bibliography? Annotated Bibliography topics

The first step is to search for a handful of interesting annotated bibliography topics and select from that. After you have narrowed down on a topic, you have to do a rigorous and comprehensive search for the citations you want to include pertaining to the topic. At this stage, you need to have a mentor, who is well aware of the genuine citations for the topic. Now the hard work begins! You have to read all the papers or books you have selected for citation. After you have finished with the reading part, you should now cite the book with a proper syntax followed by a brief summary. In the brief description, explain what the paper is about; the relation of the paper/book to the summary; the comparison or contrasting the work with other citations and in the end what can you incorporate from the paper.

annotated bibliography topics

List of 10 most popular & interesting Annotated Bibliography Topics:

  1. How are we responsible for creating terrorism?
  2. Industrialization or environment-What to prefer?
  3. Is capital punishment the only way to stop crime?
  4. Human rights and immigration
  5. Should guns be banned for public use?
  6. Sales and Marketing- Scope for social and ethical responsibility
  7. Trade wars
  8. Medical technology- Has it become stagnant?
  9. Nuclear technology- Downfall
  10. Global markets in next 20 years.

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annotated bibliography topics

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