Types of academic paper

Academic papers can be classified broadly into two categories; first is review paper and another being research paper. A review paper does not report an original research and is based on other published articles. Write my Paper for me – English Paper Writing Service.

An academic paper can be of following four types.

Descriptive – Write my Paper for me

Descriptive Academic Paper is considered to be one of the simplest types of writing. Basically, this type of academic paper provides facts and information about a given topic. The primary examples of descriptive papers are a summary of an article or synopsis of a particular experiment.  The function of a descriptive paper is to analyse and evaluate the paper for the reader.

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Descriptive Academic Essay
Descriptive Academic Essay

Narrative – English Paper Writing Service

Narrative review paper explains the findings of the published papers related to the topic.

When it comes to narrative academic papers the person writing has to focus less on himself and more on his ideas. This will help him develop a strong understanding of the subject. The main purpose of narrative academic papers is to highlight the importance of ideas and prove the point to the readers.

Narrative Academic Essay
Narrative Academic Essay

Persuasive – Write my Paper for me

A persuasive academic paper can also be termed as an argumentative paper. In these kinds of papers, logic, understanding and reasoning plays key roles. In persuasive papers the writer must clearly state the facts to the readers which should be guided with proper evidence and facts. This helps the readers to have a detailed understanding of the topic. 

Persuasive Academic Essay - Write my Paper for me
Persuasive Academic Essay

Expository – English Paper Writing Service

An expository academic paper is factual in nature. It is basically in the form of oral dialect or presented in terms of factual information. The primary purpose of expository papers is to inform, explain, describe the audience or readers regarding a particular topic. Most importantly, the writer of such papers cannot tend to assume that the readers have knowledge or understanding regarding the topic he is working on. 

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Expository Academic Essay - English Paper Writing Service
Expository Academic Essay

Research Papers

Research papers are based upon a collection of data from a study and then analyzing it to produce new results. A paper can be of different types but some of the most popular are argumentative research papers, analytical research paper, definition research paper, compare and contrast paper, interpretive papers.

Research papers can be related to anything ranging from science to social research papers. A good academic research paper needs to contain thoroughly experimented studies with comprehensive results. We help you to comprehensively write a stupendous academic paper. Check MENTYOR for the best English Paper writing service.

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