Following the big overtime win in Game 1, the Milwaukee Bucks seized game 2 by meandering towards a 132-98 and turning the series into their favor by 2-0 against the three-time winner Miami Heat. The famous team found itself on the losing end at this year’s NBA championship. The Buck players did a splendid job by securing this win. Here’s everything we know about the game.


Star Players
Star Players

Giannis alone scored 31 points and 13 rebounds along with six assists and Jrue was a true stalwart player and bagged his all-time high 15 assists in what is known as a wire-to-wire victory. Bryan Forbes was a complete show-stealer as he flaunted his best shooting technique in the game by concealing the 7 of his 8 shots also consisting of the 5 of 6 from beyond the arc, which secured the team 22 points. 


The Milwaukee Buck started by securing a 46-20 against the Miami Heat within 12 minutes of play. They made history right in the beginning by running 26 points ahead. 


Beyond the Arc
Beyond the Arc

If game 1 was all about the five 3- pointers then game 2 was all about playing strong beyond the arc. 10 first-quarter threes tied the NBA Championship Playoff record for most threes in a quarter and the 15 in the first half make for franchise history.

Whereas the Miami Heat franchise record for the Game 1 makes just 8 of 28. In this mind-blowing game, the Milwaukee Bucks’ 34 points win triumphs the Miami Heat from beyond the arc by a total of 42 points.


All the offensive fabrication was done by the one and only Brook Lopez. Lopez completely blocked and prevented Bam Adebayo from playing in the game with his expert defensive techniques, challenging him to shoot as the All-Star finished with just 16 points, four assists, and three rebounds on 5 of 11 from the field. Lopez brilliantly broke all the Miami Heat guards and helped drive the victory for Milwaukee Bucks. 


Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler

The Miami Heat hero of the last season found it tough to perform in tune. The Bucks’ defense gave him a hard time scoring to his potential. He just managed to score 27 points and just 10 points tonight on 4-of-10 shooting. The defensive switching between Giannis and Jrue led to a lot of angst and frustration amongst the Miami Heat team members as it was the major reason due to which they scored low.


The remaining two games of the NBA Championship Playoffs between the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks are going to be held in Miami, Florida. Game 3 is scheduled to be played at 5:00 PM on Friday on the NBA ChampionshipLeague Pass.

Miami Heat will have to gear up and evolve a new strategy to hold up their name. The Milwaukee Bucks have two options either they can win the series with 3-1 or 4-0 or the series can end up as a draw/tie. Whatsoever, the Miami Heat is facing some serious heat from its opponent at this point. 

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