We all have different kinds of aspirations. And We want to live the life that we think suits us the best. We try building our career in the best field, a field that interests us. And for that, we consider different options. For example, studying in a foreign university, migrating for a job, and so on. Going to give Cambridge IELTS general practice test. Want to read Cambridge IELTS book? This blog focuses on Best Books for IELTS General: Let’s Crack It

Let's Crack It
Let’s Crack It!

If you wish to build your future in a country with English as its base language, the IELTS exam is the first step. Now, many questions pop up in your mind, like how to prepare, best books for IELTS general and so on. But don’t worry, we got it sorted for you. 

IELTS is a test that ascertains the level of English fluency of an individual. The IELTS test varies from other English exams that you attempt in schools and colleges. Here, the skill set of a person gets assessed on both theoretical and practical knowledge. The person should be able to comprehend the instructions and converse fluently in English. 

This test is an eligibility criterion for several countries with English as their core language like – Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, etc.

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People attempt the IELTS exam to fulfill either one of the following purposes:

  1. IELTS general training: people who wish to build their career in a foreign country.
  2. IELTS for the study-related purpose: students who want to study abroad.

It is a given that every exam needs preparation. After all, you need to know the relevant information to pass the exam. The IELTS test mainly focuses on these aspects: IELTS general reading, IELTS general writing, and IELTS general training (listening and speaking).

Based on these requirements, you need the best books for IELTS general preparation. These best books to read in English will cover everything you need to know from reading to writing and so on. 

Read on to find the best books of all time that will help you to crack the IELTS general exam! 

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS – One of the Best Books for IELTS General

The Cambridge University collaborated with Cambridge English Language Assessment – who are the writers of the IELTS test and made the ultimate study guide for IELTS. This easy to use and practical study guide helps you prepare well as it offers great advice to accomplish the aspired score band in IELTS.

The guide focuses on the language and also the skills which are to be performed confidently. Furthermore, there are eight complete practice tests (with answers) included in the study guide so that you can test your preparation, practice your exam techniques, and get familiar with the test format.

Cambridge IELTS 11, 12, 13 – One of the Best Series of Books for IELTS General

This is one of the Best Books for IELTS General comes straight from the publication of Cambridge University Press. Cambridge IELTS 11-12-13 is for general training. The book, along with the other consequent series, provides authentic test series for the aspirants. In addition to that, the book also consists of the marking scheme and audio exercises to prepare thoroughly.   

English Collocations in Use

This book helps you improve your fluency so that you can sound natural in English. This book carries explanations and practices focusing on English collations for the advanced-level(C1-C2). The combination of words that appear together frequently is collocations.

This book is ideal for classroom activities as well as for self-study. You can learn collocations in context, with many different topics like writing essays, assignments, and reports. This book is also helpful for preparing for IELTS, where the knowledge of collocations is often tested.

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English Vocabulary in Use – Best Vocab Book for IELTS General

English Vocabulary in Use is one of the top Best Books for IELTS General. It is a well-thought book that focuses on explanation and exercise. The book consists of 100 units presented in 11 parts and follows a direct learning approach.

The aspirants learn a word and its correct usage. After that, the exercise segment helps the individual in memorizing and applying the lesson immediately. It is a must-have for passing IELTS general training with a score-band of 7 or higher.

New Insight into IELTS

This book is great for practice and comprehensive preparation for IELTS. It offers organized and detailed papers and test exercises to help you prepare systematically. Therefore, the book makes it easy to choose the part of the test you want to focus on and provides step by step preparation and practice because of the regular test-type exercises.

For additional practice, it contains supplementary activities and a detailed introduction to tests and the answers, which makes it suitable for classroom learning as well as self-study. It also features an IELTS practice test to give you an idea of what to expect in the test. This book helps in gradually building up your skills, test techniques, and language. 

Barron’s IELTS Practice Exams

Barron’s IELTS Practice Exams is a success mantra for both academic and general training aspirants. The exam series of the book focuses on the difficulty level, similar to the IELTS exam. The book consists of 6 training modules that give you the experience of the real exam scenario. Furthermore, the book consists of audio in country-specific accents to help the aspirants in listening and speaking skills.

Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 & 2

This book is a complete package of practice tests to assist people in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Moreover, it is a perfect studying material for both Academic and General Training aspirants.

The book comes with different sets. One, listening and reading practice and answer sheets. Two, writing and Reading practice and answer sheets. Also, the book comes with an audio CD and sample responses. The aspirants can use these responses to see what are the requisites of the exam and excel it.

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS

The book is handy for people who wish to achieve a higher score in IELTS. The book is easy to understand as the book gives insight into the essential vocabulary course. After that, the aspirants can practice their skills with the test provided as a compiled series.

The books also ensure that the aspirants get adequate knowledge of the vocabulary and its correct usage. Such tips help in avoiding errors in the main exam. Hence, making this book an ideal IELTS self-study book.

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS – Best Grammar Book for IELTS General

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS is another one of the Best Books for IELTS General. It is an extensive and well-planned grammar learning module for the IELTS aspirant (both academic and general training). The training module gives a clear insight into the grammatical rules and an explanation of the correct usage. The book is suitable for upper-intermediate level and gives the most useful tips in the simplest of ways. 

 IELTS Advantage Series – One of the Best Books for IELTS General

IELTS Advantage series has one of the best preparation tactics to help the aspirants achieve the ideal score. The series comprises of parts divided into three series:

Every series of this book is focused on explaining the skill sets in the easiest way possible and provides you with tips and tricks to achieve a score band of 6.5 or higher. Both the academic and IELTS general aspirants benefit from this book.

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The Final Word

The IELTS test your listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities, but it does not test your passion, your ideas, and your dreams as they are to be tested by you. Test your passion by knowing if it makes you happy while working for it; test your ideas by implementing them, and test your dreams by putting all your efforts into them!

Your goals, happiness, and the sense of satisfaction in life matters the most. Achieve it with all that can help you achieve it. At last, all the very best for your journey; may you learn and evolve every day.

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