Yoga has grown immensely in its spread and the awareness of its benefits and goodness to health. It has now received global or worldwide popularity as well as recognition. It is known to have started in India but its major spread and growth seems to be in the West or other foreign nations. Yoga, especially during the peak times of quarantine and lockdown when the coronavirus was at large seems to have only grown more and more widespread and gained more and more popularity and demand. The Yoga industry and practitioners or teachers seem to be most in demand and most required of all health sectors. 

It is all about physical as well as mental peace, awareness and health as well. In the lens of physical health and well being, it as a form consists of asanas or postures that help maintain and stimulate healthy bodily function and structure. Through the aspect of mental health and well being, it includes pranayama or breathing exercises as a part of the meditation process which plays a role as well as helps in disciplining the mind and the thoughts that run through our brains all day long. 

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It is all about enlightenment and the achievement of a particular state of mind and body which unites the body and the self and goes beyond all desires and aspirations and getting absorbed or attached to the self and self alone. The main aim and requirement of yoga is the achievement of a healthy mind along with a healthy body. It looks into as well as helps in achieving fulfillment, enlightenment as well as a balanced development between an individual’s physical, mental as well as spiritual being. 

Importance and Benefits of Yoga 

It has now become increasingly popular in the global realm and there only seems to be a rise in the demand for yoga teachers and practitioners. The importance and benefits seems to have become a much more widespread knowledgeable realm with a better and wider range of understanding and acceptance. International Yoga Day has become one of the most memorable and most celebrated official days throughout the world.

It has several importance and benefits and it is particularly needed to have a clear and intimate understanding of the same. 

It sees its success and importance in its largely positive impacts such as self healing, bodily harmony and peace, removing the negativity as well as the toxins from the body, enhances the awareness and the power of the self along with boosting attention, focus as well as awareness, especially in children. Yoga sees its main importance in the reduction of stress and tension among others in the physical self while also showing enhancements in the spiritual being of the self. 

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It is not only important, but it is also extremely beneficial to a person and their health and well being. But what real difference have in its importance as well as its benefits? Let us try to understand this. 

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While the importance lies mostly in the impact and the outcomes in an individual’s life, both mentally and physically, yoga’s benefits are truly seen in the working and functioning of all three, that is, the mental, physical as well as spiritual being of the self. 

One of the main benefits is the control that it helps an individual create and have within their mind, body as well as soul. It helps in achieving the togetherness of the mind and the body while also managing to establish a more peaceful functioning and structure of the mind and body. Yoga in more ways than one is beneficial as well as important to the structure and functioning of the mind, body and soul.

It helps deal with anxiety and stress while also dealing with muscle strength, toning and flexibility of the body. While having so many benefits, some extra benefits of yoga include aiding in respiration, playing a role in weight loss as well as improving immunity as well.

Yoga and its role in the life of college students 

College life is a critical junction and a strenuous time in the life of an individual or young adult. While it is also a time of enjoyment and learning of different kinds. It is in the college life of an individual that the growth of an individual takes place in more ways than one. 

It is a period where an individual moves on from the safeguarded school life to that of a life of varied responsibilities and pressure. Whether it is living alone, or a course, or a language barrier, or a different city to achieving good grades, hectic schedules, messed up sleep cycles, finding internships and thinking about future endeavours and envisioning a properly planned future for oneself, it is all equally stressful and carries burdens of equal responsibilities. 

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So during the occurrences of these changes as well as adaptations that a person goes through at the landmark period of college life or being a young adult, their bodies and minds too go through immense changes, challenges and stress. Thus yoga plays a big role in helping and benefitting the lives of these individuals. But of course these benefits can only be seen and recognised through regular practices and routines.  

One of the biggest advantages and outcomes of yoga is that it helps reduce anxiety and stress by a huge landmark and thus plays a very big helping hand in the life of a college student. While managing stress, yoga helps do this in two ways. The first method is by helping an individual work towards and achieve their goals while on the other hand it also helps students calm down and find a more balanced and peaceful state of mind and being. 

As we already know, it helps drastically increase positivity of the mind as well as the body. By doing so, yoga also helps boost the confidence levels of individuals, especially college going students going through a shift from being a naive teenager to a responsible young adult.

One of the many positive goals or outcomes of yoga is also the ability of yoga to help enhance or increase the concentration levels of an individual while also having immense self control over their desires, greed and aspirations while also enhancing the self awareness of an individual. 

More reasons for the necessity of yoga in the lives of college students or young adults is that it helps to improve memory capacity of an individual while also improving the metabolic rate or metabolism of an individual. Through the art of yoga and meditation, one learns to compartmentalise as well as manage one’s thoughts and emotions, this plays a role in enhancing and creating time management techniques, something that is of utmost importance to college students or young adults. 

As a known fact yoga also helps improve and enhance body postures of an individual. While having so many advantages, some more added advantages of yoga is that it helps build endurance and patience which is essential in the life of a college student or young adult due to the many experiences and lessons that they learn in these years for which they require a necessary amount of strength, patience as well as endurance. It also helps correct sleep patterns and sleep cycles of these college going students or young adults. 

Following up with all of these benefits and advantages, it also helps increase as well as it teaches mindfulness or the art or state of mindfulness to an individual which seems to be a priority or of utmost importance in the life of a college going student or a young adult with the multiple changes, experiences, learning as well as challenges that they go through. 

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Growth and Popularity of Yoga in the recent past 

It was a practice that was started in India many many years and moons ago. But it is only in the recent past that yoga has gained such recognition, popularity as well as demand all around the world. International Yoga Day is one of the most widely celebrated days in the global realm or the global world. This is mostly due to the growing understanding and preaching of the importance as well as benefits of yoga which now the world seems to have learnt for itself. 

One among many reasons for such growth in its popularity is science and research that has been published especially in the health and wellness sector or field which provides proves on the requirement of yoga in the everyday life of an individual such as in the improvement of heart health of individuals, in helping build resilience to asthma and other respiratory issues while also helping deal with stress, anxiety and other mental health issues. 

It also enhances the flexibility of an individual despite the age of the individual or person. Yoga also helps provide benefits or solutions to the various aches and pains in the body by playing an important role in the fitness regime of an individual. It also helps in finding solutions to sleep related issues as well as sleep disorders. 


Thus in many more ways than one yoga helps build a stronger immune system, healthy lifestyle and a much required and important balance in the mind, body as well as soul of the individual. Therefore, yoga plays an important, significant as well as beneficial role in enhancing the overall quality of life of an individual. All together and all at once, yoga works its magic and that is what makes it so special and unique. 

Hence the practice and routine of yoga in the everyday life of an individual, especially those individuals who are college students or young adults going through a variety of changes and learning, will only help to create and maintain an appropriate, peaceful and a more structured lifestyle and way of living. 


  1. How is yoga or the adaptation of the lifestyle or routine of yoga beneficial in the life of a college student? 

While always under tremendous pressures and stress, it helps a college student break away from these external barriers and enter a clear state of mind. This also helps them get a breathing space away from their constant social environment. 

  1. How does yoga have an adverse effect on academics and learning? 

While it is a known fact that yoga helps reduce stress while also playing a role in achieving mental peace and stability and also enhancing concentration levels, studies also show that it is more common for students who practise yoga and meditation to have a higher capability of achieving more marks than from those who do not practise yoga.

  1. Should yoga be made a necessity in schools and colleges?

As per research reports and other studies it is shown that in the recent past the stress and pressures of individuals, especially those among teenagers and young adults have increased drastically. Thus inculcating an everyday practice of yoga and meditation in schools and colleges would prove to be a fruitful venture. 

  1. What are the disadvantages of yoga that one can face? 

Yoga, although known to be one of the healthiest practices of not just fitness but also of health and well being, has some disadvantages of its own just like any other form. Some of these disadvantages are the strains, pulls, tears and other injuries that can be caused due to constant muscle toning, stretching and strengthening of the body. 

  1. Can yoga be the only fitness regime in an individual’s life?

Yes, it is completely alright for yoga to be the only fitness regime in an individual’s life. But this is only okay depending on the type of yoga classes or training that one is going through as well as the intensity of the yoga techniques and forms that one is performing. 


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