Why do students need Finance Assignment help?

Finance is the management of large amounts of money for companies or governments. It is the most important position in a company as all the management of wealth and assets take place under this.

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Sub-division of Finance | Finance Assignment Help

Finance Homework Help

Finance can be subdivided into three broad categories based on the entity for which financial management needs to be done. The three categories can be further expanded to unfurl the vast subjects under Finance. Below are three categories of Finance.

  • Public Finance:

It is the study of the government’s role in an economy. It is a vast subject that aims to understand the efficient allocation of resources, distribution of income, and macroeconomic stabilization. Public expenditure, Public revenue, Public debt, Financial Administration, and Federal Finance are key subjects under Public Finance.

  • Corporate Finance:
Corporate Finance

It is a very interesting subject as it deals with the sources of funding and capital structures of a company. It is very interesting as a corporation cannot afford to make a loss and hence the Corporate Finance Managers are on their toes for harnessing the maximum profit out of the market.


  • Personal Finance:

As the name suggests, it is the area of financial management of an individual or a family. It is the management of income towards the expenditure, investment, and saving plans to maximize the savings.

Why choose Mentyor for Finance Assignment Help?

Why choose Mentyor for Finance Assignment Help?
Why choose Mentyor for Finance Assignment Help?

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