While the communication has become easy on the World Wide Web the notorious users access the darknets to communicate with their people. The use of Dark web can be both good or bad. As we all know that the internet is immensely layered and there exists more than what we can just see over the internet. What is not indexed by normal search engines like Google, Mozilla etc. is termed as Deep Web. Deep web contains content that is intentionally concealed in order to maintain security, privacy and confidentiality.

Since the access of Darknets keeps one’s identity concealed it is the place where terrorists do their job of communicating their peers. These webs can also be used for legal purposes. They have gained so much popularity and garnered so much attention around the world due to the malpractices it is used for. It needs a special browser Tor to be accessed so that the original traffic in the network cannot be traced.

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Deep Web and Surface Web

The content we see over the internet can be termed as “Surface Web” and people strive to appear on the starting slots of search engines. This is what we call Search Engine Optimization. 

Deep web on the other hand is the information that does not get indexed on the search engines. This happens due to various parameters. This information is thus not accessible through the traditional search engines like google. 

Deep Web and Surface Web
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Hidden information that needs special software for its access is termed as Hidden internet or Dark net. Information on the deep web is vast and its size is increasing exponentially. Dark web is a part of this deep web which is made accessible by various new growing tools. This has led to a rise of criminal and illegal activities. 

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Communicating on the dark web

Reddit is one of the most approachable places to learn about and communicate on dark webs. It provides a platform accessible to all in order to discuss Tor(a special browser to access web).  There are also various anonymous chat boxes which allow communication on darknets. The content that is unlinked or temporary is not identified by Web crawlers and thus does not appear on traditional searches. Thus there are different ways to explore a dark web like Hidden wiki. These hidden wikis separate contents on the basis of their categories.

Why is there a need to anonymize activity?

There are various reasons why a person might need to keep his identity anonymous while conversing. This activity may be legal or illegal for example selling drugs is an illegal activity and a person wouldn’t like to be caught or someone might want to tell you about something extremely confidential and wouldn’t like to open up on his identity. While people do use Tor for legal activities it has been used more by the terrorists and other criminals for illegal activities. Mostly Tor is used to anonymize activity in order to keep privacy and allow people free speech it has attracted more criminals towards itself.

This anonymity has led people to communicate with each other and also hide each other’s identity. Illegal activities happening on the dark webs include human trafficking, selling drugs, terrorism and many more. 

One study from the University of Portsmouth examined Tor traffic to hidden

services. Researchers “ran 40 ‘relay’ computers in the Tor network … which

allowed them to assemble an unprecedented collection of data about the total

number of Tor hidden services online—about 45,000 at any given time—and

how much traffic flowed to them.”

Dark webs thus play several roles in the illegal activities from that of hidden chat rooms to that of selling of stolen goods. It has given a tremendous rise to illegal activities and needs urgent attention to lower down the crime rates. Terrorist communicate their plans to each other through these chat which aren’t accessible. These have given tremendous rise to cyber terrorism and has taken the world by the storm. The terror of these webs are increasing day by day and needs to be resolved before it is overtaken by the criminal minds.

Cybercriminals are smarter than once can think and they victimise people and organisations alike. 

This is done without concerning any borders because there are none on the dark webs and since criminals cannot be caught they harass people as they please.

Payment transaction on the Dark web

Payment transaction on the Dark web
Payment transaction on the Dark web

Payment transactions on these are done through bitcoins. Since bitcoins are a decentralized form of currency with no central authority it becomes easier to pay each other in bitcoins and they get them exchanged for traditional currency or mined.  When a bitcoin transaction occurs it is saved in a public ledger but the information is hidden and doesn’t tell who has been the participant to the particular transaction. This is the reason why bitcoins are used to pay and get money on the dark webs. They keep the anonymity of the user intact. 

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Military Uses of Dark Webs

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Though various misuses of dark nets are listed it cannot be denied that the dark nets can come in use at times of need. If military people start using the darknets they can protect their troops and also keep a check on the location they are in. what is happening around them could be easily identified. Military people can also communicate through hidden chat rooms and communicate with their peers in case of change of plans. This will thus act as a protective shield and the security would be enhanced. 

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A dark web is unable to differentiate whether the person accessing it is a criminal or an ordinary user. This issue needs to be addressed by enforcing agencies so that the criminals are unmasked but the anonymous identity of ordinary users remains intact. This cannot be one by running behind the illegal users but by identifying illegal sites. But shutting down such sites is not an option either. One site shut down may lead to the rise of another site for this government hackers need to figure out a way to stop the illegal activities.

Also if a strong charge is imposed on people doing illegal business on darknets another user will be afraid of doing so in the fear of getting caught.

It is like the normal world wide web which is an integrated system of network and needs to be governed by the policies agreeable to all the countries around the world.

It is an area of increasing research and has enticed people around the globe. Various researches are going on inorder to find out the algorithms on which these dark webs run. How information can be mined through these areas of the web and how laws can be enforced in order to stop the illegal activities is being discovered and discussed on. 

Dark back is a wondrous place and can prove to be extremely helpful when used wisely.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Are the Dark Webs Legal?

Yes, Dark Webs are legal to use unlike the Deep Webs. If used wisely these are of great use and helpful in many ways. User anonymity is one such advantage of the Dark Web.

  • Can one be tracked on the Dark Web?

No, if you are using Dark Webs you cannot be traced. It works on layered encryption systems. It guarantees anonymity of the user by collecting data by various intermediate servers.

  • How can one use the Dark Web?

It can be used by using a browser called Tor. It is an anonymity browser which accesses your web page through proxy browsers. This renders your IP address unidentifiable.

  • What happens on the Dark Web?

It is a place of illegal activities. Trading of illegal goods and other illegal activities take place over the dark web. 

  • Who made the Dark Web?

This Web was made by the US Government. It was made in order to exchange information anonymously. 


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