Technologies like Virtual reality and Augmented reality have started to grow in shape in todays’ era. They use stimulation to change or enhance the real world environment.

Augmented reality uses devices to enhance the environment like smartphones or sensors. They extend the real world environment. 

When we say that augmented reality extends the environment it means a virtual environment coexists with a real one which is informative in nature and helps users to gain knowledge about the real world.

Virtual reality on the other hand is used to replace the real environments with virtual ones. For example if a student is learning to do surgery he can be trained using this where to him it seems all that he is doing is real and can learn better. 

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What is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality?

Adding to the existing environment is what Augmented Reality is. Feels difficult to understand? Let’s say you are using snapchat filters, various lenses appear on your face to make you look better, this is an example of Augmented reality. Augmented reality is readily available and is used in various ways through smartphones. The most famous example of the same is the game Pokemon Go. Augmented reality is used at various places. Some of them are:

  • Finding your cars in the parking lot from apps installed in your phones.
  • Attending calls through your smart watches.
  • 3D models of brains by neurosurgeons to aid them in surgeries.
  • Google maps or such maps applications which tell you about the routes

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What is Virtual Reality?

What is Virtual Reality?

It is creating a virtual environment with the help of computers and other devices and letting the user interact with it. The user is placed in a 3D environment and he feels he is really present in a scenario which actually doesn’t exist. Virtual Reality activates all five senses of humans in the virtual world so that they feel that the surroundings created around them are real. This is of three types. They are:

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality are of 3 Types

Non-Immersive Virtual Reality

Non-immersive VR is often not considered as VR because people are well aware of their surroundings and do not get immersed in the virtual surroundings. Their physical body and environment controls them. Video games are the best example that can be quoted for non-immersive VR.

Immersive Virtual Reality

Immersive VR is in a growing stage and no such things as yet has been developed that can be termed as immersive VR. Immersive VR uses sound, touch and all the other senses of humans to make them believe they are really in an environment. VR games like Roller Coaster and various others can be termed as immersive VR.

Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality

Semi-immersive means partially being a part of a virtual environment. This type of environment is used for education and training purposes. For example if a student is to be trained for a heart surgery he cannot be directly asked to operate on a human. Human life is essential for us and thus he is trained using a virtual environment which makes him understand the do’s and don’ts of a surgery and also removes his fear of operating an individual. This enhanced experience in the field of education and training helps students gain practical experience and understand concepts better.

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Augmented and virtual reality have evolved enough and can be used at various places to enhance user experiences. It would in the upcoming era become the new computing platform. The world is shifting to an online mode of education and that would be further enhanced when Augmented and Virtual reality would come into play. Various MNCs now see AR and VR as the emerging technologies but it still needs improvement to be operated on the parts of both experts of the fields and the engineers.

This can be done when the coming generation is taught and made comfortable with the coming technologies. The youth is our future and it should be known of these technologies and its applications. From education to entertainment every field is ready to absorb these new changes and make the world a new place.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can we use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality simultaneously??
    Yes, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be used together in order to operate Robots. AR and VR together can be used to operate Robots remotely.
  2. What impact does Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have on Communication?
    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have improved the communication between people. They provide vivid details of the users which has not ever happened before.
  3. What is an Augmented Robot?
    Enhancing the abilities that a person generally has or replacing the abilities lost by a person is called Augmented Robot.
  4. Why is a mesh used in Augmented Reality?
    Mesh is used in order to add effects to a room or to the surroundings in Augmented Reality. 
  5. What is a Virtual Robot?
    Virtual Robot is actually a robotics software which is capable of emulating real robot’s actions in a real work envelope.
  6. What is the difference between Augmented and Virtual Reality?
    Virtual Reality is completely Virtual. A thing that is not but seems to be is virtual reality.
    Augmented Reality uses the Real World setting with the help of sensors, software etc.
  7. What are the benefits of Augmented Reality?
    It is used in order to attain rich user experience. It also increases interaction and engagement.
  8. What are the benefits of Virtual Reality?
    Virtual Reality is used to train and prepare people for real world scenarios for example a surgery.

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