When in college it might seem hectic to manage your schedule and manage time especially in the times of examination. You might feel that you are lagging behind your friends and your preparations for the exams are at level zero. Unable to manage time at the time of examination can get to you and you might start feeling depressed but here is a solution for you to manage time and excel in examinations.

The first key to succeed in your exams and in life in general is the skill of Time Management. In order to excel in studies you need to manage your time effectively and you might find yourself in the top charts of your college. If you fail to give enough time to your studies, you can’t expect magic to help you pass and excel. 

So, in order to get a hold on your time and manage it efficiently let me state for you a few strategies.

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Time Management Strategies

A few Time Management Strategies include:

Devise a Schedule

It is extremely necessary for you to devise a schedule for yourself. You know how much time you have apart from your college hours. All you need to do is sketch a schedule to understand what you can study and how much course you can cover in that time span. Just keep in mind that don’t keep your schedule too tight so that it makes you feel suffocated and tied up. Keep time for intervals and study only as much as you are able to concentrate on. If you feel you are starting to lose your concentration take a break and then begin again.

Know Your Priorities

You should know what is more important and what lies in your priority list at what position. What lies at the top is something that needs to be done first and rest later on. The best way to design a priority list is, first list down the tasks to be done. Then shuffle them starting from what’s to be done most urgently and what can wait for a while. Once done with this, you have your priority list in hand and you know what to do when.

For example: Revising subjects, Preparing for assignments, completing your homework and working on a Project.
Now if the assignments are going to affect your grades that should be your first work to be done. Next is completing your homework because not only will you keep your work up to date but also understand the concept and collect your doubts, then comes working on your project because that is the work which gives you practical knowledge and improves your skill set. And then you can revise your subjects in order to learn them. So here is your priority list ready and to be worked upon.

Mark the Calendars

Mark all the important dates on your calendar. Whether they are your exams or your internals, your vivas or your class tests mark it on your calendar. This helps you in remembering your important dates and helps you adjust your schedule to manage your important days. This way you have done a monthly planning for yourself and have managed your time to achieve all your tasks within the time frame. 

Say No to Distractions

Your distractions are your biggest reasons for your failure. It may happen that you are in a mood to study but you get a call from your friends and you start talking and lose an hour or two in that. Thus distractions are your reasons you are unable to concentrate and fail drastically. Keep your phone aside, lock yourself in a room in silence and concentrate on what’s needed to be concentrated on. Be sure that you give yourself time to work on concepts you are not clear with and revise what your strong point is. This keeps you motivated and regular revisions lowers your anxiety on exam days.

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Tips for Time Management

  •   Keep yourself away from Distractions. Make sure while you study, you stay focused.
  •  Take time out for group studies. No matter how amazing a listener you are, you might get to know new and important things which you might have skipped. You will also get a chance to clear your concepts because your friend might know what you don’t.
  •  While you are studying, don’t believe in mugging up. Read and think. Analyze what you are reading, and what the reason behind what is being told to you. If you have clearer concepts, numerical problems will become easier for you.
  •  Always find a real life example of what you are reading. This helps you relate to things better and recall things faster.
  •  Make notes while you are being taught. It might happen that you are told something during a class which is not mentioned in your chapter or book but is necessary for understanding things better. Note down those things when told so that when you read it again you are able to recall what was told and what you are missing. 
  •  Plan for subjects you are weak in, priorly. It takes time to understand and clear concepts of subjects that you find hard. A preparation done well in advance for such subjects keeps you calm during exams and leaves you with only the revision of concepts.
  • Studying is important but don’t overburden yourself. Take short breaks and keep yourself energized by eating at regular intervals. Regular eating keeps you energized enough to concentrate.
  • Most importantly maintain a to-do list for everyday. This practice makes you perfect in finishing work on time and teaches you how to prioritize your work and be punctual at your work.

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It might get stressful to go through the exam weeks when you have no strategy in hand to perform well and the pressure of good grades gets to you. Time management teaches you to organize life and plan your study table. It helps you excel in exams and also makes you punctual as well as Goal-oriented. When you start planning out things and know your short goals to be achieved you know how to plan life. 

Time management skills helps you manage work pressure and teaches you how to work under pressure. Thus, time management skills are the skills that one should learn to master in order to be organised and goal-oriented.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How to manage projects at times of Exams?

When you have an exam week going and you are stuck on how to manage time for a project the best way is to be prepared well before time. If you are prepared beforehand all you need to do is revise your subject. This helps you make time for projects as well.

  • How can I stay away from Distractions?

Distractions are a part of human life thus in order to keep away from distractions, don’t completely avoid them, set time you will give them and be strong enough not to waste a second more on what is a distraction to you. In this way you have time for fun as well as once you have given time to something it’s not going to lure you more.

  • State a few ways in which one can manage time.

A few ways to manage time is- maintaining a to-do list, prioritising tasks, taking breaks not to over exert oneself.

  • How can you decide that one thing is more prioritising than the other?

To understand what is more important than the other you need to think on a few parameters. First is what’s to be delivered first, what is pending since long, what needs more time to be done and what can be upheld for a few hours or days.

  • Why is it important to manage Time and be organized?

It is extremely important to manage time and be organized as it helps you set priorities, be goal-oriented, manage stress and pressure, and maintain a work-life balance. Time management also helps you to be punctual and be prepared for a situation beforehand so that you don’t get anxious and lose control over yourself and situations.


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