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Image processing toolbox | MATLAB help

Image processing is divided into seven groups which can be either used simultaneously or independently:

  1. Exploration and Discovery: Acquiring and Importing data, Apps for Exploration and Discovery
  2. Image Preprocessing: Image enhancement, Morphological operators, Image deblurring
  3. 3-D Image processing workflows: 3D Visualization, 3D processing
  4. Image Analysis: Edge Detection, Image Region Analysis, Hough transformation, Statistical Functions, and Color Space conversions
  5. Image Segmentation: Image segmentation techniques, Morphological operators
  6. Image registration: Image registration methods
  7. Acceleration and deployment: Target hardware, GPU acceleration
Image processing toolbox | MATLAB help

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In the exploration and discovery section, MATLAB helps you to use apps and functions to acquire, visualize, analyze, and process images in several data types. In MATLAB, you have the independence of importing images and videos generated by a wide range of devices. In exploration and discovery, you can also use automated steps for multi-image workflows.

Image processing allows you to increase the signal-to-noise ratio and accentuate the image features using some pre-defined filters that can be accustomed according to your needs. It helps you to de-blur an image.

With the help of 3-D image processing, you can actually visualize the image even if it does not exist in the real world. You can use the features to highlight a specific region within the given volume. It is widely used in the medical field such as X-Rays reports, etc.

Now you can actually distinguish between two similar images by differentiating in shapes, count of objects, color, and measuring several object properties.


Image segmentation as the name suggests segments your images according to edge-based methods and morphological methods. You can determine region-based boundaries in an image and use the app to explore other techniques.

With MATLAB’s image registration tool you can now align images to enable quantitative analysis or qualitative comparison. You can visually inspect results by creating composite images that highlight misalignment.

Image processing toolbox | MATLAB help

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