What is Artificial Intelligence? How well do we know and understand the concept behind it? How successful does it seem to be? What is it all about? Importance of AI?

These are the most common questions that run through people’s minds while talking about Artificial Intelligence and everything that it entails. In today’s world Artificial Intelligence seems to be the basis for almost all technological advancements. The future of Artificial Intelligence seems to be the focus of all technological steps and progressions. 

Artificial Intelligence as we all know very well, in the simplest of terms, is the aim of engineers and others involved in the field to make computers and other such machines think, act and even talk like human beings. In blatant terms of understanding, we can put it simply as the development of robots or robotic machines. But Artificial Intelligence and the progress in this field is not one that just came about. It took years of hardwork and deep understanding and working on algorithms to be fitted into computers and other machinery systems for this to finally take place and succeed. 

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is seen to be the next biggest step in technological advancements and revolution. But such a high degree of evolution could not have simply come up. It was thought out deeply by the usage of Charles Darwin’s notion of The Survival of the Fittest in order to create robots or machines that feel, think and act as humans do. Researchers, engineers and others who are majorly involved in the field have used this popular notion of Charles Darwin to make and inculcate technological algorithms in order to make improvements as we move on from generation to generation. 

The real potential of the field of Artificial Intelligence was discovered in the year 1950 but it faced a wide variety of issues for it to actually take place. Until the year 1974, the field also found itself stuck due to financial issues and funding problems. Thus, there was nothing that could be done further in the field of Artificial Intelligence until the recent past. 

Artificial Intelligence as a realm by itself has grown in leaps and bounds ever since the year 1974, especially considering the recent past, that is the twenty first century. Europe, USA, China and India take the cake when it comes to the growth and evolution of the understanding and functioning of the field of Artificial Intelligence. The productivity or rather the boost in productivity after the introduction of Artificial Intelligence has increased rapidly and exponentially. 

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Today, we live in a world that can no more imagine a future or even a present without the tool of Artificial Intelligence for smooth functioning and progress. Especially in spaces such as corporate organisations and the IT sector. Artificial Intelligence has gone through such a deep development that it increases efficiency and seems to be in demand throughout the world and in almost all sectors around the world. It has made life so much more easy going and efficient, that it is already seen in a majority of aspects of life, including that of daily life. 

To understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence, we need to understand why we require such a tool. We need to understand what really is the relevance and necessity for a tool such as Artificial Intelligence. With the drastic increase and rapid rise in the flow of information and knowledge, it seems to be almost impossible for the human brain to comprehend and absorb such huge and large quantities of data, information as well as knowledge. 

The answer to such problem solving questions, especially in the coming future is Artificial Intelligence. How is that possible? The algorithms and the entire structure as well as the purpose of the field and tool of Artificial Intelligence is simplification and efficiency in human lives. Since it is almost practically impossible for the human brain to comprehend, absorb and actually make complex decisions, or even have the capacity for a high level of problem solving, Artificial Intelligence makes it all easy. It is evidently a one stop solution to all human level, mundane problems. 

The Importance of AI and Its Benefits 

The Importance of AI and Its Benefits 
The Importance of AI and Its Benefits 

Artificial Intelligence is already largely important in many sectors such as finance, health care, automotive industries, transportation and E-commerce, among a variety of others. But how is it so? 

If you take an industry such as health care, Artificial Intelligence plays a very significant and evident role. It spans itself on a range from data and security to even robot assisted operations. Taking the finance industry into consideration, the banking industry is said to have the biggest boom from the application of Artificial Intelligence. 

The automotive industry is the most striking and obvious sector of all due to the production and goal of bringing out self driven cars. Google Maps is the best and most mundane example in order to understand the relevance of Artificial Intelligence in the transportation as well as travel industries. The development of strong client connections and bonds as well as the customisation of customer experiences and their particular likes, wants and needs is all done through the system of Artificial Intelligence. 

How is all this possible? What does the tool of Artificial Intelligence entail in order to make all of this possible? 

Artificial Intelligence has become so widely popular and is now the biggest technological revolution that is looked forward to due to certain characteristics that it entails in order to give it the importance that it requires. 

The tool of Artificial Intelligence is extremely accurate. There is no way that there is an existence of inaccuracy in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. There is no space for inaccuracy in the tool. Due to the fact that Artificial Intelligence is so pointedly accurate, it also makes the tool of Artificial Intelligence reliable and quick in its responses. 

The algorithms that make up Artificial Intelligence for what it is, also give it the feature of adding intelligence to different kinds of products. A good example to understand this are robotic chat screens also called as chatbots or smart features such as Siri and OK Google. Due to the existence of such high level and advanced features and algorithms in the existence of Artificial Intelligence, it also gives Artificial Intelligence storage of extremely deep data in its systems. 

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The realm or tool of Artificial Intelligence thus helps in encoding, decoding, understanding and solving all kinds of data. Heavy and light. Small and big. Artificial Intelligence therefore helps you decipher and utilise the necessary data to its maximum capacity. Thereby, making it easier and more efficient for everyone. 

From all the information and understanding that we have derived about the tool of Artificial Intelligence and its importance, we can also easily understand the many benefits that the tool of Artificial Intelligence has to sponsor or has to offer us. 

Artificial Intelligence not only promotes quicker decision making through its technological system, it also promotes a wide range of benefits. The system of Artificial Intelligence lacks any kinds of errors that can be all too easily made by humans, since making mistakes is after all a human characteristic. Artificial Intelligence also provides its services, all day and all night long.

Which in simple and plain words, means that it is available to us round the clock, 24/7. Another main, relevant as well as significant benefit of the system of Artificial Intelligence is that it is completely unbiased and impartial in all its decision making processes. While it is only very natural for all human beings to be biassed and partial in their decisions. 

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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life 

Artificial Intelligence as is widely and very known is the most awaited and foreseen technological revolution in the coming years for the upcoming generations. It is one of the most anticipated technological advancements in the global platform. But that does not mean that it is non-existent in the present. The tool and system of Artificial Intelligence is one that has become quite popular and is quite relevant in today’s world. 

The tool and system of Artificial Intelligence has already made its mark in the global platform. It is a technological advancement that has already come into being and is already in use quite obviously and frequently. In fact, the realm of Artificial Intelligence has already grown so much that it has become quite relevant and significant in the functioning of our daily lives, both noticeably and unnoticeably making us more and more dependent on the system day by day. 

There are so many ways in which we apply the technology of Artificial Intelligence in our day to day lives. In fact its functioning, relevance and application is so normal for each of us that we do not understand that our dependence and normalcy is all based on the technological system of Artificial Intelligence in our everyday lives. 

Some of the best examples of applications and the role of Artificial Intelligence in our day to day lives is travel and navigation. To make it most obvious, Google Maps is one such tool. Another role or application of Artificial Intelligence in our everyday lives is voice assistant technologies such as Siri of Apple and OK Google of Android. It is also our entertainment streaming networks or platforms such as Netflix, Disney + Hostar and Amazon Prime Video among a wide variety of other platforms that submit to our likes and wants and make us get hooked onto it more easily and faster. 

Artificial Intelligence in everyday life
Artificial Intelligence in everyday life

Other such examples of the use of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life are Video Gaming techniques with the help of Virtual Reality. Self driving cars along with facial recognition features nowadays in built in phones are some of the most outstanding and striking examples of the role of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life. Another good example to understand the role of Artificial Intelligence in our daily life is the use of CCTV cameras along with the internet in itself is a good example of Artificial Intelligence, its importance as well as its role in everyday life of human beings. 

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An imagination of a world without the use and impacts of Artificial Intelligence is something that is unimaginable. The world is already dependent on the tool of Artificial Intelligence which also seems to be playing a crucial role in the everyday lives of people. Thus, the so called coming or rise of Artificial Intelligence seems to be one of the biggest milestones looked forward to by the global world as a whole. The technological system of Artificial Intelligence no doubt has made the world a simple and more efficient world to live in. The arrival of robots and computer technology driven by the algorithm of Artificial Intelligence is the promise that the world seems to be looking forward to, longingly. 


  1. What kind of computer lingo or language is not most commonly used in the method of Artificial Intelligence?

Perl is an example of a programming language that is not most commonly used in the technique of Artificial Intelligence. This is so because Perl is a script language and thus cannot be used to write programs for Artificial Intelligence. 

  1. Is it possible for a machine driven system technology like Artificial Intelligence to have the ability to ask and answer questions? 

It is most definitely a possibility for machine driven system technology of Artificial Intelligence to ask and answer questions. It works on the principle of the algorithm with which it is written or created. 

  1. What are the different kinds of Artificial Intelligence? Or what are the different agents of Artificial Intelligence? 

There are namely four kinds of agents of the Artificial Intelligence technological framework, they are: simple reflex agents of AI, model based agents of AI, Goal based agents of AI as well as utility based agents of AI.

  1. What are the basic requirements in order to study or be a part of Artificial Intelligence? 

For an individual to take up Artificial Intelligence in the area of education or career, the individual has to have sufficient knowledge of statistics, algebra and other forms of mathematics along with an understanding and knowledge of physics, engineering, robotics and computer knowledge such as coding and programming. 

  1. Is Artificial Intelligence a problem or a solution? 

Although the realm of Artificial Intelligence proves as a boon and a blessing to all human beings in almost all areas of life and living and it is soon to be the most awaited and most necessary technological revolution, Artificial Intelligence is by itself not a solution. Of course the criticisms that it entails can make it seem like a problem, but at the same time, it is also the need of the hour.


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