The most dreadful thing while we went to schools was a huge pile of homework. While in middle school, it was very easy to ask parents for homework help but it’s not possible when you reach high school. Are you worried or tensed due to Fear of Homework / Fear of Assignment Help? We at MENTYOR provide the best assignment writing service.

Fear of Homework
Fear of Homework

Assignments can really be helpful only if they reinforce the student with skills learned in the class. Similarly, they can be excruciatingly painful if they are suppressing the creativity of the student and are redundant. A survey conducted by the Stanford Graduate School revealed that 56% of students considered assignments as the primary source of stress. The assignments we get to demand a thorough research of the topic.

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If you are tangled among exams, events, and assignments then it becomes impossible to dedicate time to the assignment. The bitter truth is- the plainer the assignment, the lesser the grade. Homework, detention, assignments are some of the most dreaded tools teachers use on the students. Why is the word homework feared so much by the students? The simple answer to it is because it kills our time when we are supposed to do other activities.

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” | Fear of Homework

Work hard Play hard
Work hard Play hard | Fear of Homework

The above phrase perfectly goes with homework. We need to make a balance of work and play in our life. High school is the most developmental phase of one’s life and it is very necessary that equal importance is given to all the activities. These activities enhance creativity in the young minds and instill a sound personality. Homework just kills this time which the student needs for opening up his mind. At times of hectic schedule, you would have wished that you had a wand and could ask it-“Do my homework” or “Help me with my homework”. The growth in technology has now made it possible.

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Fear of Homework

Fear of Homework

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