Quality education and efficiency in education are one of the top-most priorities of any university or any educational institution.  Thus every year new incoming students and then graduation of the same is a crucial factor in developing countries since students are considered to be the future of a nation.

But similarly,  failure in achieving dreams or further studies creates deviation from achieving the goals of education.  In the same way, academic failure can not only just create a waste of expenses but also time with generation of psychological impact on the student his family as well as his/her academic institution. 

When a student is asked why he or she had failed, the most common answer can be the teacher failed them or the exam was very tough. There can be a range of reasons students can give but the most common reasons are mostly interrelated and consequential. It might not even be considered a factor, but we never know what kind of role it played.

A lot of things go around an educational institution that if not controlled well can take up the time of an average student. 

We might even not pay attention to the reasons for academic failure because we are so concentrated on the results, which is a failure.


Every student is different and a few of them are not able to score well in academics there can be various reasons behind their failure. Even if sufficient time is given they’re unable to produce satisfactory results. 

Academic failure can be caused by various reasons such as


Frequent absence in classes

Lack of interest in classes, feeling bored. So bunking classes now and then is one of the major issues which had been identified.

Leaving/ dropping out

Lack of interest takes a wide turn and then the student leaves that course of academics.

Repeat in the year

Failure to achieve the goals and then repeating a year.

Low quality of education

Education has taken in by the student isn’t up to the mark.

UNESCO has categorically stated that an academic Failure is credited to repeating a year, drop-off, or low quality of education.

In recent studies, about 73 students sat down a questionnaire in which they answered about the causes that predetermined academic failure. This included lack of studying, low intelligence, and prejudice in teaching. 

Other causes may include

Other causes may include
Other causes may include
  1. Poor health
  2. Poor management 
  3. Abstractness and Procrastination during the time of exams.

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Academic stress has been identified as one of the primary reasons for ignorance in studies that also enormously. Depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems are reported in students who faced academic failures.


Fear of failure, success can also cause failure.  Procrastination and negligence as well.

Lack of preparations

Did not accomplish the necessity is to be prepared for the examination.


Lack of motivation.

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So, what can be done?

Studies show a dynamic relationship between one’s compassion, achievement, and coping with academic failure.  one needs to learn from the past for human experience.

Academic failures can be very overwhelming. It comes in different forms not just in academics, such as failure to get a job, relationship breakdown, or just a general setback. 

Achieving academic goals is a vital factor to achieve professional goals in later stages of life. But overcoming this fear of failure can be truly daunting. However, it is important that you learn from the past and develop goals for the future. Remember it is always possible to bounce back on track. Always.

Overcoming the fear of failure  

Accepting the fact that it is a part of the process.

Having cared for oneself

Compassion is a must in this case.

The mind of resilience  

Having a supportive environment.

Setting smaller and achievable goals.

Things which can be done to excel in academics

Things which can be done to excel in academics
Things which can be done to excel in academics
  1. Studying early/  starting early
  2. Having a check of deadlines
  3. Keeping a journal for goals
  4. Develop interest outside of your field
  5. Getting help from friends and family.

Other things which can help you to earn good grades

  1. Motivation
  2. Participation/ attention in class
  3. Making notes
  4. Focus 
  5. Solving question is as much as possible given by tutors,  educational institutions,  universities, etc.

Let’s discuss this in more detail


There can be times when you feel lazy and cannot meet the requirements made by the teacher such as homework or assignments. It is mandatory to get up and do it in the given amount of time.

Procrastination and time management

It’s always good to manage your time well and do the work in the given amount of time. Procrastination will only result in time wastage and the time is gone, it can never come back. 


Overconfidence can sometimes be detrimental to your studies because your confidence tells you can do the exam well but overconfidence tells you that you don’t need to study because the exam subject is easy. On the other hand, if you’re low in confidence you should always keep on revising.


It’s always a good thing to plan things ahead of time to avoid congestion of tasks at hand. That’s why time management is so important.


It’s always a good thing to open up to an adult who you can open up to feel secure about the current situation you’re in right now.

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Thus we can conclude that the roles of experienced teachers,  family members, and friends play a crucial role during tough times. Active teaching methods, Observation of integrity play important roles. 

Lack of mutual understanding between parents and students themselves, and lack of appreciation by them are reasons, recognized by students.

Students believe that different reasons, affect academic failure in different ways. More attention should be given to teaching methods, motivation, syllabus, and working environment that can prevent the emergence of academic failure in all fields.

Trails to improve the status of academic failure can be done in three stages – avoidance, mediation, and correction. Early identification of academic problems can prove to be very fruitful because it helps the students early on, thus there’s no need for any mediation or correction. Systemic solutions that target early academic deficits, a motivational perspective is important to correct academic problems. 

Firstly, investment in basic studying skills is a must to be addressed. This should be done early on in childhood. Secondly, a student should be developing independent thinking and studying skills once he or she comes to high school. Thirdly, as seen in high school, academic problems are seen because the student lacks motivation or has lost his or her interest in studies.

Through various methods, including teaching services and peer teaching, unique profiling of each student, and increased vocational options, an increase in academic performance and an interest in the academic can be built.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. The basic thought process which should be maintained after academic failure – shifting the focus of attention to a more functional thought.
  2. Is there anything or anyone to pinpoint when and how this occurs? – No, every student is different and everyone has their own needs which need to be catered to before we can come to any conclusion as to why academic failure occurs.

Toxic work environments, are they everywhere? If yes, how to cope with them? – Yes, toxic work environments are everywhere. Compassion should be practiced.


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